Torchbearer Donors

Contributions to the Torchbearer Fund help support the daily operations of Alpha Phi Omega.


As we set our sights on growing Alpha Phi Omega-led service on campuses across the country, gifts to the APO Torchbearer Fund enables the Fraternity to sustain chapters and support leaders, and ensures that the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service live on. Without these unrestricted funds, members services and programming would suffer.


Diamond Founder’s Circle…….. $5,000 & above

Gold Founder’s Circle………….. $2,500 – $4,999

Silver Founder’s Circle…………. $1,000 – $2,499

Diamond Torchbearer………….. $500 – $999

Gold Torchbearer……………….  $250 – $499

Silver Torchbearer………………. $150 – $249

Torchbearer……………………..$75 – $149

Thank you to the generosity of those persons listed below for their generous gift of $75 or more.

* First Time Donor

^ Deceased

DonorChapterSchoolTorchbearer LevelLeaders in Service Campaign Contributor
A. Ellwood Ervin, Jr.Xi GammaAdams State UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Aaron C. KnightPhiSyracuse UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Adam F. Gaetz*Alpha Theta XiSt. Petersburg CollegeTorchbearer
Adam R. HoganGamma LambdaClemson UniversityGold Torchbearer
Adam W. RitchiePhiSyracuse UniversityGold Torchbearer
Aimee Smith TilleyIota LambdaNorth Carolina State UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Alan D. DavisDelta RhoRutgers, The State University of New JerseyTorchbearer
Alan M. GoldbergAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Alan S. Chen*Gamma GammaUniversity of California at BerkeleyGold Torchbearer
Albion R. Fletcher, Jr.Alpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearerLIS
Alex R. Burkart, Ph.D.Iota LambdaNorth Carolina State UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Alexander S. BaumMuIndiana UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Alfred L. EarhartXi PsiWestern Kentucky UniversityTorchbearer
Alicia Louie ChenChiUniversity of California at Los AngelesTorchbearer
Lyndal ButlerIota LambdaNorth Carolina State UniversityGold Founder's Circle
Allen Wong, D.D.S.Alpha Alpha XiUniversity of the PacificSilver Founder's Circle
Allison KovacsXi AlphaMuhlenberg CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Allison M. MyersXi RhoSUNY OneontaGold Torchbearer
Amanda Williams*Zeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Amy E. GoodwinAlpha Beta OmicronElmhurst UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Amy E. Kinnard (née Unger)Delta BetaUniversity of OklahomaGold Torchbearer
Amy Sue LittleOmicronUniversity of IowaTorchbearerLIS
Andrew A. RossbachEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteDiamond Torchbearer
Andrew BravermanEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGold Torchbearer
Andrew M. EricksonDelta NuYale UniversityTorchbearerLIS
AnonymousGamma LambdaClemson UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Anthony & Marcia AllenSigma EtaVillanova UniversityTorchbearer
Anthony M. HelmAlpha OmicronSouthern Methodist UniversityTorchbearer
Arnell Willis, Sr.Pi AlphaPhilander Smith CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Arthur A. SchwengerBeta ThetaUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonTorchbearer
Arthur G. SandersonEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Torchbearer
Arthur S. LeibowitzGamma IotaCUNY Brooklyn CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Austin & Rachael NagelkirkEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Austin J. MathisZeta ThetaDrexel UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Avi OrnsteinAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearerLIS
Barbara R. Anderson, P.E.Alpha IotaThe Ohio State UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Belton LimXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversityTorchbearer
Benjamin MinorMu MuOglethorpe UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Blair HarlinDeltaAuburn UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Bob SnookIota TauSaint Olaf CollegeGold Torchbearer
Brandyn M. FairchildTheta ThetaCentre CollegeSilver TorchbearerLIS
Brian & Jennifer MooreEpsilonTruman State UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Brian & Melody MartinDelta AlphaUniversity of CincinnatiSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Brian D. ThiessenLambda NuDuke UniversityTorchbearer
Brian O'DonnellTheta ZetaUniversity of New HampshireSilver Torchbearer
Brian P. Westfall, SPHRLambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversityGold Torchbearer
Bruce PetersPiKansas State UniversiryGold Torchbearer
Bruce R. WakeBeta UpsilonNorthwest Missouri State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Bryan K. RichardsBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Calvin T. Eng M.D.ZetaStanford UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Carl A. & Judy HertingZeta GammaValparaiso UniversityGold Torchbearer
Carla K. MoranTheta ZetaUniversity of New HampshireGold Torchbearer
Cary & Norma LaxerTau LambdaRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Cdr. Allen J. StandishGamma PsiUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesTorchbearer
Chad V. JohnsonXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount UnionTorchbearerLIS
Charles Anthony Howard-GibbonKappa SigmaCalifornia State University, SacramentoTorchbearer
Charles D. FunkAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Charles David Brooks, Jr.Epsilon ChiLos Angeles City CollegeTorchbearer
Charles G. BracePi ChiDuquesne University of the Holy SpiritGold Torchbearer
Charles L. HandEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversityTorchbearer
Charles T. GoldbergPhiSyracuse UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Charles W. EisemannAlpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinGold TorchbearerLIS
Charles W. IsenhartLambda KappaLoras CollegeTorchbearer
Christopher & Christine^ HeimAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityGold Founder's Circle
Christopher D. PetersonIota TauSaint Olaf CollegeDiamond Torchbearer
Christopher G. AysonAlpha Delta ThetaUniversity of California at RiversideTorchbearer
Christopher J. HurleyXi ZetaRochester Institute of TechnologyTorchbearerLIS
Christopher J. MeschukGamma ThetaUniversity of Colorado at BoulderGold TorchbearerLIS
Christopher M. McEwenAlpha LambdaNorth Dakota State UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Christopher Mulcahy & Vernice Veranga-MulcahyAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignGold Torchbearer
Christopher R. PowellMu OmicronClarkson UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Christopher S. ShavorEta PsiCalifornia State University, ChicoTorchbearer
Col. Frederick E. Johnston (Ret.)Zeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Col. Vernon L. LowreyEpsilon XiColorado State UniversityGold Torchbearer
Colleen CardXi AlphaMuhlenberg CollegeTorchbearerLIS
Craig & Mary Kate DonaisKappa OmicronUniversity of MassachusettsDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Craig A. BonaEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversityDiamond Founder's CircleLIS
Craig D'AmbraZeta NuSouthern Illinois University at CarbondaleTorchbearer
Craig R. TannerAlpha Alpha XiUniversity of the PacificSilver Founder's Circle
Curt HahnEtaNorthern Illinois UniversitySilver Torchbearer
D.J. ByrneEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Founder's Circle
Dan A. SmithRhoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillTorchbearer
Dana Lee HainesZeta OmegaBaylor UniversityTorchbearer
Daniel A. Ivey-SotoSigma LambdaMerritt CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Daniel A. PappasOmicron IotaWorcester Polytechnic InstituteTorchbearer
Daniel J. SchniedermeierDelta DeltaSaint Louis UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Daniel L. Diehl, M.D.AlphaLafayette CollegeTorchbearer
Daniel S. BakerAlpha ZetaUniversity of KentuckySilver Torchbearer
Daniel TilkinKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Darrell E. LightTau UpsilonUniversity of Wisconsin-PlattevilleTorchbearerLIS
Darren S. DickensonGamma ZetaGeorgia Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Darrin & Holly Lynne SchmidtZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityTorchbearer
Dave EmeryIota PhiUniversity of California at DavisGold TorchbearerLIS
David & Kathy ZubelikZeta DeltaMiami UniversityGold Torchbearer
David A. BartigChi MuHenry Ford CollegeTorchbearer
David B. RoggenkampEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Torchbearer
David C. KaelberLambda NuDuke UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
David CohenGammaCornell UniversityTorchbearer
David FarmerNu PiMinnesota State University, MankatoTorchbearer
David G. Farrand, Jr.Zeta KappaBowling Green State UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
David G. HartmanGamma PiUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborDiamond Torchbearer
David J. ArseneaultXi MuLock Haven UniversityTorchbearerLIS
David K. WinfieleXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
David L. AndresLambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
David L. StickleyPhi GammaTexas Lutheran UniversityTorchbearer
David Overhauser, Ph.D.Alpha GammaPurdue UniversityDiamond Founder's Circle
David R. BottolfsonXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversityTorchbearer
David R. KeelyLambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
David R. LeggeEta PhiAmerican UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
David T. MiuraZetaStanford UniversityTorchbearerLIS
David W. SchulerAlpha BetaPennsylvania State UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Dawn BeginZeta GammaValparaiso UniversityGold Torchbearer
Dawn M. GurganiousAlpha Delta DeltaGeorge Mason UniversityGold Torchbearer
Deborah A. SternAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTorchbearer
Dennis & Patricia Jane CallinanChi IotaBemidji State UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Dennis DuszakDelta EpsilonIllinois Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Dennis E. NickleIota RhoFlorida State UniversityTorchbearer
Dennis M. GurtzEpsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College ParkGold Torchbearer
Derek & Angela KonigsbergEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Derek M. BakerBeta DeltaTexas A&M University at CommerceGold TorchbearerLIS
Diana M. DloughyDelta RhoRutgers, The State University of New JerseyDiamond Torchbearer
Disraeli W. Smith II, MBA, MPPKappa DeltaFlorida A&M UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Donald F. LuttrellOmicron PhiUniversity of RichmondGold Torchbearer
Donald S. WauthierAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSilver Founder's Circle
Doug & Kelly FullerAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Douglas G. WhiteXiIowa State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Douglas M. HarrisAlphaLafayette CollegeGold Torchbearer
Douglas R. ElrodAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGold Torchbearer
Dr. Alan D. SchmetzerMuIndiana UniversityTorchbearer
Dr. Amanda D. MayAlpha EtaUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityGold Torchbearer
Dr. Beth (Canuteson) RobieEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGold TorchbearerLIS
Dr. Bill WhitsittMu DeltaUniversity of ProvidenceSilver Torchbearer
Dr. Curtis T. MiyamotoXi AlphaMuhlenberg CollegeTorchbearer
Dr. Dan K. SeilheimerAlpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinTorchbearer
Dr. Dennis L. CatesBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversityTorchbearer
Dr. Elizabeth Franci WiseAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Dr. Hilton Hallock*Alpha Zeta ChiNew England CollegeDiamond Torchbearer
Dr. James A. CochranZetaStanford UniversityTorchbearer
Dr. Kenneth P. DavisMu MuOglethorpe UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Dr. Mack T. Ruffin IVLambda NuDuke UniversityGold Torchbearer
Dr. Michael J. GeorgeRhoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillTorchbearerLIS
Dr. Paul H. DouglassMu EtaAlbright CollegeTorchbearer
Dr. Phillip C. WankatAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityDiamond Founder's CircleLIS
Dr. Richard L. ChappellNu UpsilonPrinceton UniversityTorchbearer
Dr. Wayne N. BurtonPsiUniversity of California at Santa BarbaraTorchbearerLIS
Dr. William A. Murphy, Jr.BetaUniversity of Pittsburgh at PittsburghDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Dr. William P. BowmanEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversityTorchbearer
Dr. Willie H. Maddox, Jr.Mu GammaMorgan State UniversityTorchbearer
Earl Brown, Jr.Theta PiUniversity of IndianapolisSilver Torchbearer
Edward & Ruth DavidBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Edward J. Bradley, Jr.Beta OmicronMissouri University of Science and TechnologyTorchbearerLIS
Edward J. RichterAlpha IotaThe Ohio State UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Edwin P. Crabbe, Jr.Delta EpsilonIllinois Institute of TechnologyGold Torchbearer
Eileen M. GoliszTau MuUniversity of South FloridaDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Eileen McGeeAlpha Alpha XiUniversity of the PacificTorchbearer
Elbert G. EspanolChi GammaJames Madison UniversityTorchbearer
Elizabeth A. DewaltAlpha PsiLehigh UniversityTorchbearer
Elizabeth A. ParrellaGammaCornell UniversityTorchbearer
Elizabeth Tom, M.D.Iota PhiUniversity of California at DavisGold Founder's CircleLIS
Ellen D. KranzerAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Emily C. FunkAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Emily PraunerEpsilonTruman State UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Emmanuel Escobal*Omicron ZetaCalifornia State University, East BaySilver Torchbearer
Eric R. FarmanXi IotaSusquehanna UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Erik A. AndreassenKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Erik C. RiderPhi EpsilonMaine Maritime AcademyTorchbearer
Erika L. KleppingerAlpha Gamma IotaUniversity of the Sciences in PhiladelphiaGold Torchbearer
Ernest C. BrogmusAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Eugene D. MelvinKappa SigmaCalifornia State University, SacramentoSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Ezra G. ErbAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySilver Torchbearer
Fern DoValeAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGold Torchbearer
Florence A. Hamrick*RhoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillTorchbearer
Floyd H. Okada, M.D.ZetaStanford UniversityTorchbearer
Ford & Pamela DingmanEpsilon BetaCentral Michigan UniversityTorchbearer
Frances K. BerezinOmega XiCornell CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Francis W. KearneyTheta UpsilonCase Western Reserve UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Frank J. ChlebekZeta NuSouthern Illinois University at CarbondaleSilver Torchbearer
Franklin D. BrodskyEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Founder's CircleLIS
G. Kenneth MorganOmicron PhiUniversity of RichmondTorchbearer
Gary FlodinEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTorchbearer
Gary L. Mueller, MDBeta EtaUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaGold TorchbearerLIS
Gary S. IdeEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGold Torchbearer
Gary Y. ChyiMu AlphaGeorgetown UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Gautam P. GururajDelta NuYale UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Geoffrey S. Goll, Esq.Omicron XiDenison UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
George D. HoupisTau LambdaRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
George R. KoberAlpha PhiWashington UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Gerald B. GibsonKappa AlphaLamar UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Gerald M. WrightBeta PsiSoutheast Missouri State UniversityTorchbearer
Gerald P. Ronan*Mu ZetaSan Francisco State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Gigi RoachAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityGold Founder's Circle
Gil BruckenChi SigmaAllegheny CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Gilbert D. BowyerMu GammaMorgan State UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Ginny CombsOmicronUniversity of IowaDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Glen S. Kinder IVChi OmegaMcKendree UniversityTorchbearer
Grace BartleyZeta RhoWittenberg UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Gregory K. WhitfieldDeltaAuburn UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Gregory S. SchwartzZetaStanford UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Guy R. BoydstunChi ChiUniversity of Central ArkansasTorchbearer
Harold A. CrawfordXi RhoSUNY OneontaSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Harvey A. DuzeXi ZetaRochester Institute of TechnologySilver Torchbearer
Harvey R. MirandaLambda NuDuke UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Hassan Kheleel BarzaniAlpha Gamma OmegaUniversity of Texas at San AntonioTorchbearer
Hawkeye O'Saben, DOEta PsiCalifornia State University, ChicoGold Torchbearer
Heather A. Lehman CAEGamma PhiWestern Michigan UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Hon. John K. OttenadAlpha PhiWashington UniversityDiamond Founder's Circle
Hon. Margaret M. Van HoutenGamma PiUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborTorchbearer
Howard H. WhitehurstXi TauFrederick CollegeTorchbearer
Jacinda F. BallantyneMu OmicronClarkson UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Jack A. McKenzieGamma LambdaClemson UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Jae Anna BeasleyPi IotaWofford CollegeTorchbearer
James D. MyersMu OmicronClarkson UniversityGold Torchbearer
James D. TempletonZeta NuSouthern Illinois University at CarbondaleGold Torchbearer
James J. GoodwinDeltaAuburn UniversityTorchbearer
James M. LaneyRhoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillTorchbearerLIS
James R. Riordan, Jr.Epsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteDiamond Torchbearer
James R. SoethGamma NuUniversity of IdahoTorchbearer
Jay A. VertunoEta BetaSimpson CollegeTorchbearer
Jay ZollicofferGamma LambdaClemson UniversityTorchbearer
Jeff M. NeurauterOmegaDrake UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Jeff ThomasSigma UpsilonUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteGold Torchbearer
Jeffrey L. CantorKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Jennifer L. GlackenThetaUniversity of VirginiaSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Jennifer L. LeeAlpha Alpha XiUniversity of the PacificTorchbearer
Jennifer M. TobinMu PiColorado School of MinesSilver Torchbearer
Jennifer R. Headman, Ph.D.Omicron IotaWorcester Polytechnic InstituteDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Jeremy BingmanAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Jéri L. Ogden, Ed.D.*Zeta PhiHoward UniversityTorchbearer
Jerold S. MarksAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGold TorchbearerLIS
Jessica L. RobertsMu OmicronClarkson UniversityTorchbearer
Jessica Marie BaxterOmicron UpsilonWest Chester University of PennsylvaniaGold Torchbearer
Jessica PalangeTheta AlphaStevens Institute of TechnologyGold Torchbearer
Jessica S. LakeSigma XiUniversity of MaineGold Founder's Circle
Jessica SouthardPi RhoRider UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Jessica UlrichXi RhoSUNY OneontaTorchbearer
Jim H. AlderferXi AlphaMuhlenberg CollegeTorchbearer
Jim M. KerchenfautKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversityGold Torchbearer
Jim ManningLambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Jim R. SantoDelta RhoRutgers, The State University of New JerseyDiamond Torchbearer
Jodie L. ScottMu OmicronClarkson UniversityTorchbearer
Jodie P. WinklerOmicron PhiUniversity of RichmondSilver Torchbearer
Joe Kelly, Jr.RhoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillGold Torchbearer
John & Annette ElsbreeAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDiamond Torchbearer
John & Linda^ WinkelmanAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearerLIS
John & Victoria HavronTau LambdaRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologySilver Torchbearer
John A. MaxwellEpsilon XiColorado State UniversityTorchbearerLIS
John D. Wintersteen*Alpha Delta DeltaGeorge Mason UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
John E. BassettAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityTorchbearerLIS
John E. BerglundIota SigmaMidwestern State UniversityTorchbearerLIS
John F. Thompson Jr.Epsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Torchbearer
John H Driscoll, Jr.Delta SigmaUniversity of ConnecticutTorchbearer
John H. BarrettZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityTorchbearerLIS
John H. MeindersTheta SigmaOklahoma State UniversityTorchbearer
John H. ThomasAlphaLafayette CollegeGold TorchbearerLIS
John H. Williams IVDeltaAuburn UniversitySilver Torchbearer
John L. ByrdBeta DeltaTexas A&M University at CommerceTorchbearer
John M. KretzerZeta AlphaBradley UniversityGold Founder's Circle
John P. BarrarOmicron PhiUniversity of RichmondTorchbearerLIS
John P. LathamBeta EtaUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaGold Torchbearer
John R. AndersonDelta GammaOhio UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
John R. KoslowKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversitySilver Torchbearer
John R. LyonXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
John S. MyersEpsilon NuSUNY OswegoTorchbearer
John T. KohlAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGold Torchbearer
John T. LyonsPhi EpsilonMaine Maritime AcademySilver Torchbearer
John T. Strada, Jr.DeltaAuburn UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
John WetheringtonGamma ThetaUniversity of Colorado at BoulderSilver TorchbearerLIS
Jon A. GregurichEpsilon NuSUNY OswegoGold Torchbearer
Jonathan M. FitzpatrickZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityGold Torchbearer
Jonathan ShouseIota LambdaNorth Carolina State UniversityTorchbearer
Jordan W. RussellEta EpsilonMillikin UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Joseph A. Morales*Delta PsiEastern Illinois UniversityTorchbearer
Joseph B. Malone, Jr.Alpha Delta LambdaFlorida Atlantic UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Joseph D. LesleyAlpha OmicronSouthern Methodist UniversityGold Torchbearer
Joseph G. MonteleoneIota PhiUniversity of California at DavisSilver Torchbearer
Joseph H. Meadows, Jr.Iota LambdaNorth Carolina State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Joseph J. Kesselman, Jr.Alpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGold TorchbearerLIS
Joseph P. Watson IIIAlpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinTorchbearer
Joseph R. MassiKappa BetaPolytechnic Institute of New York UniversityTorchbearer
Joseph TarranGammaCornell UniversityGold Torchbearer
Joshua O. StevensTheta ThetaCentre CollegeTorchbearer
Joyce A. HeismeyerAlpha Beta EpsilonUniversity of Arkansas at MonticelloGold TorchbearerLIS
Judy WetheringtonGamma ThetaUniversity of Colorado at BoulderTorchbearerLIS
Julie A. Moore, Ph.D.Alpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinTorchbearerLIS
Julie M. SmithGammaCornell UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Justin M. MartinAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignGold TorchbearerLIS
Justin M. Penny, D.O.Alpha ZetaUniversity of KentuckyDiamond Torchbearer
Karen B. SafroPsi OmegaUniversity of Central FloridaSilver Torchbearer
Karen D. FosterBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversityTorchbearer
Karen S. SneppAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityGold Torchbearer
Karl E. VoigtKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Kate Farrell WestlakeGamma PiUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborSilver TorchbearerLIS
Kathleen L. WillardLambda OmegaCalifornia University of PennsylvaniaTorchbearer
Kathryn A. ChongpinitchaiIota OmicronGettysburg CollegeTorchbearer
Kathryn ManckPhi XiAustin CollegeGold Torchbearer
Kathy E. CarterThetaUniversity of VirginiaGold Torchbearer
Kelli A. Breymeyer, Pharm.D.Alpha Zeta OmegaParkland CollegeDiamond Torchbearer
Kelly A. HaninkGamma PiUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborTorchbearer
Ken WestlakeBeta BetaMichigan State UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Kenneth Anthony Tinkler, Esq., B.C.S.Zeta UpsilonBoston UniversityDiamond Founder's Circle
Kenneth J. RosenbergEpsilon DeltaCentral Connecticut State UniversityTorchbearer
Kent L. FourmanZeta DeltaMiami UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Kent LeeRho PiUniversity of California at San DiegoGold Torchbearer
Kevin C. HarrisXiIowa State UniversityGold Torchbearer
Kevin Fraun Jura*TauUniversity of FloridaSilver Torchbearer
Kevin M. LoweGamma BetaSan Jose State UniversityGold Torchbearer
Kevin M. IgaAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Kevin P. HicksDeltaAuburn UniversityGold Founder's CircleLIS
Kevin S. ConnellyMuIndiana UniversityTorchbearer
Kimberlee Castillo YeeAlpha Alpha XiUniversity of the PacificSilver Founder's Circle
Kimberlie H. FrancisAlpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinGold TorchbearerLIS
Kirk J. ThieroffZeta IotaTemple UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Kort Everett JacksonAlpha Gamma OmegaUniversity of Texas at San AntonioTorchbearer
Krista KimmelAlpha Zeta KappaEastern Kentucky UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Laiza C. ReidenbachEta PhiAmerican UniversityTorchbearer
Lance G. ZimmermanXi OmicronTarleton State UniversityTorchbearer
Larry A. IsbergGamma PhiWestern Michigan UniversityTorchbearer
Larry G. JohnsonMu TauWest Virginia University Institute of TechnologySilver Founder's Circle
Laura K. FowlerMu MuOglethorpe UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Lawrence D. & Virginia E. HasselerPhiSyracuse UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Lawrence F. Capuder*Zeta DeltaMiami UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Lawrence O. SmithGamma NuUniversity of IdahoTorchbearerLIS
Lawrence SolomonKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Leah Soukup JenkinsOmicronUniversity of IowaDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Lee A. PetersAlpha IotaThe Ohio State UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Lee C. ErdmannDelta SigmaUniversity of ConnecticutTorchbearer
Lee D. HieronymusTau TauWilmington CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Lee PiecoroBeta BetaMichigan State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Leon E. AppAlpha BetaPennsylvania State UniversityGold Torchbearer
Leonard Hook*Kappa DeltaFlorida A&M UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Lewis M. Stoms, Jr.Tau SigmaBrandywine CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Lewis R. SnyderChi GammaJames Madison UniversityTorchbearer
Lillian E. MondaroAlpha Delta PhiSeton Hall UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Lisa A. CoopAlpha GammaPurdue UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Lisa R. RosselloDelta RhoRutgers, The State University of New JerseyTorchbearerLIS
Lori M. TsurudaAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Lori Shea FusonAlpha Zeta KappaEastern Kentucky UniversityTorchbearer
Louis H. MaynardRho DeltaUniversity of Rhode IslandTorchbearerLIS
Louis J. GrossZeta ThetaDrexel UniversityGold Torchbearer
Louis N. TriandafilouDelta RhoRutgers, The State University of New JerseySilver Founder's Circle
Louis Sapirman & Nadine Kadell SapirmanAlpha Beta XiSUNY GeneseoDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Lt. Col. Armen E. MardiguianEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Torchbearer
LTC Gerald J. Berry, USA (Ret)Epsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College ParkDiamond Founder's Circle
LTC. Thomas E. O'Donovan, Jr.Zeta UpsilonBoston UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Maggie KatzGamma PiUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborDiamond Founder's CircleLIS
Marc S. PearlmanEpsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College ParkSilver Torchbearer
Maria L. DaSilvaZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Marilyn L. Mims, M.Ed.PhiSyracuse UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Mark & Dottie PhillipsBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Mark & Leslie ThomsonBeta ZetaUniversity of GeorgiaSilver Torchbearer
Mark A. BannickAlpha TauButler UniversityTorchbearer
Mark E. AdamsMu NuWestern Illinois UniversityTorchbearer
Mark E. BoundsBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversityTorchbearer
Mark H. BellChi ZetaUniversity of Tennessee at MartinTorchbearerLIS
Mark S. HickoxKappa OmicronUniversity of MassachusettsSilver Torchbearer
Marty PatinAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySilver Torchbearer
Mathias M. HollendonnerEta SigmaIllinois CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Matthew & Katie NohrEta LambdaUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireSilver Torchbearer
Matthew & Leslie CromieEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Matthew C. Rom, Ph.D.Delta BetaUniversity of OklahomaSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Matthew R. ReineckGamma PhiWestern Michigan UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Maura HartyMu AlphaGeorgetown UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Maureen Joyce BurrussKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Melissa M. ParsonsAlpha Zeta IotaGrand Valley State UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Meriah OsbourneAlpha ZetaUniversity of KentuckyGold Torchbearer
Michael & Jessica FrancisDelta KappaEmory UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Michael & Katie BeyerEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteDiamond Torchbearer
Michael & Melissa DeLukaEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Michael CurranZeta DeltaMiami UniversityTorchbearer
Michael D. BallewXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversityTorchbearer
Michael E. BuschGammaCornell UniversityTorchbearer
Michael J. MirisolaSigma XiUniversity of MaineGold Torchbearer
Michael J. WallaceEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Michael K. ReillyZeta KappaBowling Green State UniversityTorchbearer
Michael KozinetzAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDiamond Torchbearer
Michael LeahyZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Michael R. BabbZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityTorchbearer
Michael R. BrownAlpha Delta TauNova Southeastern UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Michele Ruehs SteinbuchBeta BetaMichigan State UniversityTorchbearer
Mike BrombergAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Mike E. HaberEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGold Founder's CircleLIS
Mike KingXi PsiWestern Kentucky UniversityTorchbearer
Milton D. SmithKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversityTorchbearer
Mitchell BilkerXi ZetaRochester Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg TalewskyEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTorchbearer
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. FlinnAlpha Beta MuGrove City CollegeTorchbearer
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. BrennanAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Fred C. Heismeyer III, Ed.D.Lambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Nancy WiechmannNu BetaHope CollegeTorchbearer
Nathan J. SambulGamma OmicronQueens CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Niels L. HoltetDelta EpsilonIllinois Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Nimitt J. PatelDelta OmegaUniversity of HoustonSilver Founder's Circle
Norman R. BashZeta KappaBowling Green State UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Pamela YoungAlpha PhiWashington UniversityTorchbearer
Pastor Keith C. Johnson, Ph.D.Delta PsiEastern Illinois UniversityTorchbearer
Patricia L. EspositoLambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversityGold Torchbearer
Patrick S. HigginsAlpha GammaPurdue UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Patrik L. PiersonAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityGold Torchbearer
Paul A. SicardEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Paul F. Albergo*Mu AlphaGeorgetown UniversityGold Torchbearer
Paul J. MondaBeta MuMissouri State UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Paul M. FauberZeta GammaValparaiso UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Paul R. ScottXi NuTexas Wesleyan UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Paul V. LouieZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Pete N. KladisAlpha Alpha PhiColumbia CollegeTorchbearer
Peter & Jennifer DiSessaZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityTorchbearer
Peter JoelsonAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTorchbearer
Peter M. GraffXi BetaUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyTorchbearer
Peter V. GrahamGamma TauLouisiana Tech UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Philip M. Pfeffer, PhDZeta NuSouthern Illinois University at CarbondaleDiamond Founder's CircleLIS
Phillip L. LindhornDelta BetaUniversity of OklahomaTorchbearer
Phillippa MirandaLambda NuDuke UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Ralph & Susan FaustEpsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College ParkTorchbearer
Ralph L. Puccini IIIAlpha Alpha DeltaSalisbury UniversityGold Torchbearer
Randall D. CuppEpsilonTruman State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Rasheika C. RobinsonIota MuUniversity of South Carolina at ColumbiaSilver Torchbearer
Rebecca L. Takacs-BritzAlpha Zeta IotaGrand Valley State UniversityTorchbearer
Regina & Peter ForbesMu TauWest Virginia University Institute of TechnologyDiamond Torchbearer
Rev. Gerald Elliott WycheSigma MuVirginia Union UniversityTorchbearer
Rev. N. Fred Jordan, Jr.Lambda NuDuke UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Rev. Tedd A. InmanDelta MuPittsburg State UniversityTorchbearer
Rhonda A. Aven-HaggenmillerGamma ThetaUniversity of Colorado at BoulderTorchbearer
Richard & Cindi ScruggsXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Richard B. ThompsonNu DeltaLebanon Valley CollegeTorchbearerLIS
Richard BoydAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Richard H. SnelsonBeta PsiSoutheast Missouri State UniversityTorchbearer
Richard J. BojkoGammaCornell UniversityGold Torchbearer
Richard L. BurtonEpsilon XiColorado State UniversityTorchbearer
Risty & Audrey KetolaEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversityTorchbearer
Robert D. MannDelta PsiEastern Illinois UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Robert G. SturtevantEpsilon XiColorado State UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Robert J. Carr, Jr.Alpha Beta DeltaWidener UniversityTorchbearer
Robert J. GilreathZeta KappaBowling Green State UniversityTorchbearer
Robert J. London, FASAE, CAETau OmicronIndiana University Purdue University- IndianapolisSilver Founder's CircleLIS
Robert J. YoungAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Robert M. Coop, P.E.Tau OmicronIndiana University Purdue University- IndianapolisGold Founder's CircleLIS
Robert R. Tarantula^Pi TauSt Peters College (Eves)Torchbearer
Rodger A. BrownDelta BetaUniversity of OklahomaTorchbearerLIS
Roger A. Sherwood, CAEEtaNorthern Illinois UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Roger C. Burket M.D.Alpha BetaPennsylvania State UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Roger D. LudlowAlpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinSilver TorchbearerLIS
Rollin H. HillBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Ron G. EstesTau EpsilonTennessee Technological UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Ron PetersonLambda ZetaRipon CollegeDiamond Torchbearer
Ronald A. WelchTheta TauUniversity of Texas at ArlingtonTorchbearer
Ronald C. BermanAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSilver TorchbearerLIS
Ronald J. KingBeta UpsilonNorthwest Missouri State UniversityTorchbearer
Ronald S. RosenAlpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Ross & Laura ComerKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Roy RiversDelta PhiJohnson C. Smith UniversityGold Torchbearer
S. Dawn HeyseAlpha Gamma RhoFlorida Institute of TechnologyGold Torchbearer
Sally C. SklarskyMu ThetaLuther CollegeTorchbearer
Sara M. LavadoOmicron IotaWorcester Polytechnic InstituteTorchbearer
Sarah K. HarveyOmicronUniversity of IowaDiamond Torchbearer
Sarah Pauline Finch JacksonAlpha Beta PsiRoanoke CollegeGold TorchbearerLIS
Scott & Ellen AndersonLambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversityGold Torchbearer
Scott BeginEpsilon BetaCentral Michigan UniversityGold Torchbearer
Scott D. WassermanAlpha PhiWashington UniversityGold Founder's CircleLIS
Scott F. HarrisAlpha BetaPennsylvania State UniversityTorchbearer
Sean G. VealAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTorchbearer
Shannon & Joseph AlyeaZeta PsiUniversity of OregonDiamond Torchbearer
Shantel L. WilkersonKappa PsiNorth Carolina A&T State UniversityTorchbearer
Shoshana R. Danon-PerkinsAlpha Beta OmegaOld Dominion UniversityTorchbearer
Stacey Robinson, CAEGamma XiRockhurst UniversityGold Torchbearer
Stan Carpenter, PhDXi OmicronTarleton State UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Stanley B. KeiserOmicron ZetaCalifornia State University, East BayTorchbearerLIS
Stanley H. ThompsonGamma LambdaClemson UniversityTorchbearerLIS
Stanley J. BrzezynskiPi RhoRider UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Stanley J. KopeckyAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTorchbearer
Stanley L. FreseBeta UpsilonNorthwest Missouri State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Stephen C. MunchakPhiSyracuse UniversityTorchbearer
Stephen E. KirchhoffMuIndiana UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
Stephen M. McGrewAlpha Delta OmicronWest Virginia Wesleyan CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Stephen M. SmithThetaUniversity of VirginiaTorchbearerLIS
Steve A. SchoenbergEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver TorchbearerLIS
Steve BauerAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSilver Torchbearer
Steve G. AdamsXi PsiWestern Kentucky UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Steve S. SindlingerLambda PhiEastern Michigan UniversityTorchbearer
Steven B. & Karen H. RogersBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Steven D. BerkshireNu OmegaUniversity of Alaska FairbanksTorchbearer
Steven E. PaulNu TauCalifornia State University NorthridgeGold Torchbearer
Steven J. MuzosAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTorchbearer
Susan & Bruce HeidebrechtZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Susan A. TerryIota LambdaNorth Carolina State UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Susan P. LodenEpsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College ParkTorchbearer
Tashawn L. HowellGamma ZetaGeorgia Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
Teresa M. Radomski-BombaEpsilonTruman State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Terrance L. FoxMu ChiIndiana University of PennsylvaniaSilver Torchbearer
Terry MartinEtaNorthern Illinois UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Thanushpa M. DeSilvaDelta KappaEmory UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Theodore M. ColwellDelta SigmaUniversity of ConnecticutTorchbearer
Thomas A. LarsenRho PiUniversity of California at San DiegoTorchbearer
Thomas A. RoustTheta NuHamline UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Thomas B. HolmesPi MuUniversity of MobileTorchbearer
Thomas Francis BurnhamAlpha Beta ChiSUNY PlattsburghTorchbearer
Thomas G. Barnhill Sr.Nu GammaTexas State University - San MarcosTorchbearer
Thomas J. Radomski-BombaEpsilon PsiKent State UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Thomas M. Southard, CAETau OmicronIndiana University Purdue University- IndianapolisGold TorchbearerLIS
Thomas W. & Jane E. JacksonAlpha GammaPurdue UniversitySilver Founder's CircleLIS
Thomas W. Strong, Jr.KappaCarnegie Mellon UniversitySilver Torchbearer
Thomas W. & Amy E. WestfallAlpha GammaPurdue UniversitySilver Founder's Circle
Tiffany ConnollyAlpha Zeta PiUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore CountyTorchbearer
Timothy L. JenkinsEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological UniversityDiamond TorchbearerLIS
Timothy R. CorleGamma ThetaUniversity of Colorado at BoulderSilver Torchbearer
Tobi & Gary SaulnierEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSilver Torchbearer
Todd A. MayerZeta EpsilonGustavus Adolphus CollegeDiamond Torchbearer
Todd B. FulmerChi SigmaAllegheny CollegeSilver Torchbearer
Todd M. HarperMuIndiana UniversityTorchbearer
Todd M. ZimnochKappaCarnegie Mellon UniversityGold Torchbearer
Tony PlougheAlpha GammaPurdue UniversityDiamond Torchbearer
Vincent R. ClevelandOmega ZetaDurham CollegeGold Torchbearer
W. J. StrutzAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDiamond Torchbearer
Wallace MarshAlpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinTorchbearerLIS
Walter A. ThurberNu LambdaMoravian CollegeTorchbearer
Warren C. Weidman, P.E.Mu EtaAlbright CollegeDiamond Torchbearer
Warren L. Robinson, Jr.Lambda UpsilonUrsinus CollegeTorchbearerLIS
Wayne LippmanAlpha BetaPennsylvania State UniversityTorchbearer
Wayne R. FisherEpsilon ChiLos Angeles City CollegeGold TorchbearerLIS
Wayne W. Oberti, MDDelta RhoRutgers, The State University of New JerseySilver Torchbearer
Wendy A. CainLambda OmicronWest Virginia UniversitySilver TorchbearerLIS
Wendy A. NugentXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversityTorchbearer
Wesley J. ButlerXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversitySilver Torchbearer
William B. StimmelNu RhoCollege of William & MaryTorchbearer
William B. WarrickBeta RhoUniversity of ArkansasGold Torchbearer
William C. BombergerBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversitySilver Torchbearer
William C. Schadrack IIIChi ZetaUniversity of Tennessee at MartinTorchbearer
William E. Colburn, Jr.Rho PiUniversity of California at San DiegoGold Torchbearer
William H. Benson IIIAlpha Delta SigmaLindenwood UniversityGold TorchbearerLIS
William H. Oliver, Sr.Rho MuBelmont Abbey CollegeTorchbearer
William J. & Nancy A. McKennaEpsilon BetaCentral Michigan UniversityTorchbearer
William J. LeeAlpha Gamma RhoFlorida Institute of TechnologyTorchbearer
William J. OverholtGamma PhiWestern Michigan UniversityTorchbearer
William L. BreyfogleTau LambdaRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologySilver Torchbearer
William L. Roche & Mona C. RocheZeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State UniversityGold Torchbearer
William N. JacksonTheta XiParks College of St Louis UniversityTorchbearerLIS
William O. BangerterPhi ChiMissouri Western State UniversityTorchbearer
William R. FrommZeta ThetaDrexel UniversitySilver Torchbearer
William R. SainteyAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTorchbearer
William W. Amidon III & Anne R. AmidonMu OmicronClarkson UniversityGold Torchbearer
Winfield G. KangXi DeltaTexas A&M UniversityTorchbearer
Yola GerstRho GammaCalifornia State University, Long BeachSilver Founder's Circle