Sustaining Donors

Thank you to our sustaining donors whose reliable support provides APO with perpetual cash flow to assist with the expenses of operating our great fraternity!


Sustaining gifts support the Torchbearer Fund and are divided monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly using a credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT). The frequency chosen will then be equally divided over the fiscal year. Once the donation is set-up, the deduction is automatic so sustaining donors do not have to remember to send in their gift. Many members find this helpful when working with their personal finances by spreading out payments over the year.  It also saves the Fraternity money by lowering our solicitation costs.
Thank you to the following donors for their support of APO through a sustaining gift.
Donor ChapterSchool
Aaron C. Knight PhiSyracuse University
Aaron L. Cook Alpha Beta SigmaRobert Morris University
Adam R. Hogan Gamma LambdaClemson University
Adam W. Ritchie PhiSyracuse University
Alfred L. Earhart Xi PsiWestern Kentucky University
Andrew BravermanEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
April & Tristan Lipkie Gamma ThetaUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
Ashlee J. Sundermann, CNP
Ben Kutler *KappaCarnegie Mellon University
Bernard Y. Castillo Jr.Sigma SigmaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Brandon Douglas Alpha Gamma LambdaAlbion College
Brandyn M. Fairchild Theta ThetaCentre College
Brian O'Donnell Theta ZetaUniversity of New Hampshire
Brian P. Westfall, SPHRLambda OmicronWest Virginia University
Bruce I. Kamelhair, Esq.Tau MuUniversity of South Florida
Christopher J. Meschuk Gamma ThetaUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
Craig A. Bona Epsilon LambdaMichigan Technological University
Craig R. Tanner Alpha Alpha XiUniversity of the Pacific
Daniel J. Schniedermeier Delta DeltaSaint Louis University
David C. Edwards Omega ThetaLon Morris College
David P. Amelotti Beta PsiSoutheast Missouri State University
David Zubelik, Jr. Zeta DeltaMiami University
Deborah A. Stern Alpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Derek M. Baker Beta DeltaTexas A&M University at Commerce
Disraeli W. Smith II, MBA, MPP Kappa DeltaFlorida A&M University
Douglas J. Coffman Epsilon LambdaMichigan Technological University
Douglas S. FullerAlpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Eileen Sullivan McGee Alpha Alpha XiUniversity of the Pacific
Elizabeth Tom, M.D.Iota PhiUniversity of California at Davis
Emily Lynn Engelland Bannister, M.D., M.P.H.Alpha PhiWashington University
Emily Prauner EpsilonTruman State University
Erik C. Rider Phi EpsilonMaine Maritime Academy
Eugene D. Melvin Kappa SigmaCalifornia State University, Sacramento
Frank J. Chlebek Zeta NuSouthern Illinois University at Carbondale
Franklin L. Lobb Gamma AlphaUniversity of Washington
Gary L. Mueller, M.D.Beta EtaUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
Gary Y. Chyi Mu AlphaGeorgetown University
Gautam P. Gururaj Delta NuYale University
George F. Spagna, Jr.Epsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ginny Combs OmicronUniversity of Iowa
Gisela GrothAlpha Gamma OmicronHeidelberg University
Grace Bartley Zeta RhoWittenberg University
Gregory C. Crawford Theta PiUniversity of Indianapolis
Harvey R. Miranda Lambda NuDuke University
Hassan Kheleel Barzani Alpha Gamma OmegaUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
Jacinda Ballantyne Mu OmicronClarkson University
Jack A. McKenzie Gamma LambdaClemson University
James C. Isaac, Jr. Alpha KappaUniversity of Southern California
Jay A. Vertuno Eta BetaSimpson College
Jeff Neurauter OmegaDrake University
Jeffrey L. CantorKappaCarnegie Mellon University
Jennifer L. Glacken ThetaUniversity of Virginia
Jennifer M. Tobin Mu PiColorado School of Mines
Jessica A. LakeSigma XiUniversity of Maine
Jessica M. BaxterOmicron UpsilonWest Chester University of Pennsylvania
Jessica Palange Theta AlphaStevens Institute of Technology
Jessica R. Kull Alpha Eta RhoOhio University-Lancaster
Jodie L. Scott Mu OmicronClarkson University
John & Annette Elsbree Alpha ChiMassachusetts Institute of Technology
John N. Clover, Ph.D. Zeta DeltaMiami University
John T. Strada Jr. DeltaAuburn University
Jordan W. Russell Eta EpsilonMillikin University
Joseph J. Kornblatt BetaUniversity of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
Julie A. Moore Alpha RhoUniversity of Texas at Austin
Justin M. Martin Alpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Justin M. Penny, D.O.Alpha ZetaUniversity of Kentucky
Karen B. Safro Psi OmegaUniversity of Central Florida
Kathleen L. Willard Lambda OmegaCalifornia University of Pennsylvania
Kathy Lovelace-Birk Alpha GammaPurdue University
Katie L. Mercadante Lambda OmegaCalifornia University of Pennsylvania
Kelly A. FullerOmega EpsilonIllinois Wesleyan University
Kenneth A. Tinkler, Esq., B.C.S.Zeta UpsilonBoston University
Kenneth P. Davis Mu MuOglethorpe University
Kent & Phuong Lee Rho PiUniversity of California at San Diego
Kevin C. Harris XiIowa State University
Kimberlee Castillo Yee Alpha Alpha XiUniversity of the Pacific
LaChelle M. Lewis & Jamie O. GrantTheta OmegaRandolph-Macon College
Laiza C. ReidenbachEta PhiAmerican University
L.B. Groover *DeltaAuburn University
Lance G. Zimmerman Xi OmicronTarleton State University
Laura K. FowlerMu MuOglethorpe University
Lawrence Solomon KappaCarnegie Mellon University
Leah Soukup JenkinsOmicronUniversity of Iowa
Lee A. Peters Alpha IotaThe Ohio State University
Lillian E. Mondaro Alpha Delta PhiSeton Hall University
Lisa A. Coop Alpha GammaPurdue University
Lorin A. Jurvis Delta NuYale University
Louis E. Surles Epsilon EpsilonMissouri Valley College
Marilyn L. Mims, M.Ed.PhiSyracuse University
Mark A. Bannick Alpha TauButler University
Matthew R. ReineckGamma PhiWestern Michigan University
Melissa A. & Michael D. DeLuka Epsilon LambdaMichigan Technological University
Michael L. & Jessie L. Francis Delta KappaEmory University
Michael & Sarah Wallace Epsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Michael & Dina Babb Zeta BetaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Michael R. Brown Alpha Delta TauNova Southeastern University
Mike HaberEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
William H. Benson IIIAlpha Delta SigmaLindenwood University
Franklin D. Brodsky Epsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Patrick S. Higgins Alpha GammaPurdue University
Phillippa J. Miranda Lambda NuDuke University
Regina C. & Peter R. Forbes Mu TauWest Virginia University Institute of Technology
Rev. Tedd A. Inman Delta MuPittsburg State University
Richard H. Snelson Beta PsiSoutheast Missouri State University
Rickie F. MayIota ChiNorthern Michigan University
Robert J. Gilreath Zeta KappaBowling Green State University
Robert J. London, CAE Tau OmicronIndiana University Purdue University- Indianapolis
Robert M. Coop, P.E. Tau OmicronIndiana University Purdue University- Indianapolis
Robert R. Tarantula Pi TauSt Peters College (Eves)
Roger D. Ludlow Alpha RhoUniversity of Texas at Austin
S. Dawn Heyse Alpha Gamma RhoFlorida Institute of Technology
S. Earl Bowie Sigma PiPrairie View A&M University
Sara M. Lavado Omicron IotaWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Sarah K. Harvey OmicronUniversity of Iowa
Sarah Pauline Finch JacksonAlpha Beta PsiRoanoke College
Scott Heinecke *Mu XiHigh Point University
Sean G. Veal Alpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stacey Robinson, CAEGamma XiRockhurst University
Stanley J. Kopecky Alpha AlphaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Susan P. Loden Epsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Susan Taylor Alpha Zeta UpsilonUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
Terrance L. Fox Mu ChiIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Terrel A. White Zeta PiWayne State University
Thomas W. Strong, Jr.KappaCarnegie Mellon University
Thomas W. & Amy E. Westfall Alpha GammaPurdue University
Thomas J. WinterPi BetaUniversity of Dubuque
Tiffany Connolly Alpha Zeta PiUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
Timothy L. Jenkins Epsilon LambdaMichigan Technological University
James A. Kolling III Alpha Delta XiChristopher Newport University
Wendy A. Kane & James C. BusbyGamma PhiWestern Michigan University
William C. Bomberger Beta SigmaTexas Tech University
William E. Colburn, Jr.Rho PiUniversity of California at San Diego
William J. Lee Alpha Gamma RhoFlorida Institute of Technology
William K. Mitchell EtaNorthern Illinois University