Support APO

Alpha Phi Omega is committed to providing campus and community servant leaders with a positive experience through our service and leadership opportunities. On average, APO welcomes 10-15 new chapters each year. The process of adding a new chapter or reviving an inactive chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is made possible by the hard work and cooperation of interested students, host institutions, and volunteers, through a structured process developed to ensure chapter health for years to come.


Building or re-building a chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is a substantial undertaking. It will require patience, time and dedication; however, it will also be a tremendously rewarding experience for all involved.


We eagerly welcome inquiries about ways we can extend Leadership, Friendship and Service to campuses that do not have a chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.



Step 1: Find out if there is an existing chapter on your campus. Use the chapter locator bar below and enter the name of the campus.

Step 2: There’s a chapter?!? Great! Fill out the form at the link below to notify the chapter on your campus that you are interested in joining Alpha Phi Omega! Once the form is submitted, the National Office will reach out to the chapter president and membership vice president to let them know you have reached out and to give them your contact information. If you don’t hear back from the chapter within 10 business days, please contact the Chapter Services Department at the National Office at [email protected] for assistance in reaching the chapter.

Step 3: Is your campus missing out on APO? Don’t worry! Click the Start a Chapter form to request permission to begin an extension effort on your campus. This form will be sent to the Fraternity and we will review whether we feel the campus and the Fraternity would benefit from establishing a chapter. This decision is not take lightly and can take anywhere from 5 to 25 business days to receive a response. Note: Step 3 only needs to be completed if there was not an active chapter found for your campus.