Society of Life Members & Sponsors

Thank you to the Society of Life Members for your dedication to the long-term growth of APO and the development of new programs to help chapters.

The dedication to the principles of Alpha Phi Omega through support of the Society Life Membership also helps to ensure the long-term growth of the Fraternity and development of new programs to help chapters.

The enrollment fee for joining the Society of Life Members is held and invested by the Alpha Phi Omega Endowment and provides permanent benefits to the Fraternity for years to come.

The income from your investment will be used to provide enhancements to:

  • specific Fraternity programs
  • scholarships and grants
  • long-term goals

The Endowment is a vital component of the stability and growth of the Fraternity. By paying this one-time fee and becoming a Society of Life Member, the following members took the initial step to help strengthen the programs of Leadership, Friendship and Service.



Adam J. TippettAlpha Eta RhoOhio University-Lancaster
Alyna T. DuongAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University
Alyson C. KantorXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Anna BodoXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Austin R. BrittonAlpha GammaPurdue University
Becca AddisonAlpha ZetaUniversity of Kentucky
Brianna SavageAlpha GammaPurdue University
Cass D. MarlowAlpha Eta ChiBellarmine University
Christopher B. CheslogXi PhiUniversity of New Haven
Christopher Lewis WhiteIota RhoFlorida State University
Clarence T. Moore Jr.Kappa PsiNorth Carolina A&T State University
Cole R. ChmielewskiTau LambdaRose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Daniel KaneTheta ZetaUniversity of New Hampshire
DeVarus M. MartinNu EpsilonGeorgia Southern University
Dr. Stanley D. Singleton, Ph.D.Delta IotaMercer University
Eric G. RossPsi LambdaRust College
Eva E. Perez ZepedaPhi XiAustin College
Gabby V. CataloniXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Gabrielle E. AtienzaZeta SigmaUniversity of Delaware
Gilbert Renard BannisterPsi TauVirginia State University
Gina HoffmanXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Hayley E. MaherXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
James L. TangAlpha KappaUniversity of Southern California
Jennifer SchweigerXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Joseph HechtEpsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Julia PaschalTheta EpsilonIllinois State University
Julius T. BradleyPi OmegaKentucky State University
Kaitlin E. DickeyEta EpsilonMillikin University
Kenneth WrightKappa OmicronUniversity of Massachusetts
Kyle David KolleggerChi GammaJames Madison University
Marcus Edward JohnsonPi ZetaTuskegee University
McDonald JeanKappa DeltaFlorida A&M University
Melanie Tennill ThomasNu ZetaAbilene Christian University
Michael FerroZeta DeltaMiami University
Quintez L. LongPi ZetaTuskegee University
Rebecca K. ThamAlpha Delta BetaWesley College
Rev. Robert Callaham, Sr.Psi TauVirginia State University
Roosevelt T. Hayes, Jr.Pi EpsilonAlabama A&M University
Ryan FerronGamma RhoUniversity of North Texas
Sana NatividadAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University
Sarah Pohlman-BeshukZeta DeltaMiami University
Sarah R. WeiseKappa OmicronUniversity of Massachusetts
Serena C. ScheinAlpha PhiWashington University
Shuchita PoddarAlpha Beta GammaKnox College
Sina NaeemiAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University
Sydni N. ThomasAlpha GammaPurdue University
Theodore LangdonAlpha Epsilon IotaXavier University
Toby Jermaine BrandonSigma PiPrairie View A&M University
Todd S. WeberDelta ThetaUniversity of Louisville
Tomas A. HendersonZeta PhiHoward University
Tyrah J. SextonTheta EpsilonIllinois State University
Tyric D. WebsterPi ZetaTuskegee University
Tyrone Rondelle BooneKappa PsiNorth Carolina A&T State University
Vanessa AltmanAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University