Society of Life Members & Sponsors

Thank you to the Society of Life Members for your dedication to the long-term growth of APO and the development of new programs to help chapters.

The dedication to the principles of Alpha Phi Omega through support of the Society Life Membership also helps to ensure the long-term growth of the Fraternity and development of new programs to help chapters.

The enrollment fee for joining the Society of Life Members is held and invested by the Alpha Phi Omega Endowment and provides permanent benefits to the Fraternity for years to come.

The income from your investment will be used to provide enhancements to:

  • specific Fraternity programs
  • scholarships and grants
  • long-term goals

The Endowment is a vital component of the stability and growth of the Fraternity. By paying this one-time fee and becoming a Society of Life Member, the following members took the initial step to help strengthen the programs of Leadership, Friendship and Service.



Abigail G. DivjakEta SigmaIllinois College
Adam F. GaetzAlpha Theta XiSt. Petersburg College
Alexander C. HansenKappaCarnegie Mellon University
Alexander K. FungEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Alexia S. RodriguesAlpha GammaPurdue University
Allen D. BrownPhi ZetaFort Valley State University
Allison L. HrovatXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Andrew ShahineTheta AlphaStevens Institute of Technology
Anna CavalierAlpha Zeta IotaGrand Valley State University
Anthony K. WestTau BetaAppalachian State University
Anthony T. CobbIota RhoFlorida State University
Anushree ChauhanNu ThetaRowan University
Anysa F. BasherAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University
August MehnerPhi DeltaCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Auriann J. SehiAlpha PhiWashington University
Blake HornyakZeta DeltaMiami University
Brandon CatesEpsilon MuUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Brian D. SmithPsi XiAlabama State University
Bryce M. WinstonPsi SigmaAlbany State University
Carl M. Gladys IIAlpha Delta PiUniversity of West Alabama
Carlos J. Estrada, Jr.Phi XiAustin College
Charlize A. CurcioNu ThetaRowan University
Christian W. BlackburnGamma LambdaClemson University
Cianni J. McGheeXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Clara CusanelliAlpha Delta PhiSeton Hall University
Corey L. Goss, Jr.Phi ZetaFort Valley State University
Courtney F. MurrayAlpha ZetaUniversity of Kentucky
Dana N. SoulenDelta BetaUniversity of Oklahoma
Danielle J. FosterOmicronUniversity of Iowa
DeMorris R. CoxSigma PiPrairie View A&M University
Donald ThompsonSigma PiPrairie View A&M University
Dr. Marcia H. RatnerZeta UpsilonBoston University
Eddie F. CroftPi OmegaKentucky State University
Edmar J. Oliveras RodríguezPhi SigmaPontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
Ellen FrahmTau MuUniversity of South Florida
Emma E. WilliamsOmicron IotaWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Eric J. RossAlpha Beta BetaSaint Bonaventure University
Erin E. McKeehanDelta SigmaUniversity of Connecticut
Ethan ReederXi PhiUniversity of New Haven
Evan M. DavisAlpha Beta DeltaWidener University
Fred Douglas Batts IIISigma PiPrairie View A&M University
Gahn MungarndeeAlpha GammaPurdue University
Gavin KnappAlpha PhiWashington University
Genesis M. WilliamsAlpha Theta EpsilonGeorgia State University
Geneva GageAlpha Beta GammaKnox College
Grace K. BozarthSigma BetaUniversity of Redlands
Gracie GentzlerAlpha PhiWashington University
Grant R. SowardsIota LambdaNorth Carolina State University
Gregory A. Dendy, Jr.Theta MuVanderbilt University
Gregory A. Jackson Jr.Kappa DeltaFlorida A&M University
H. Clayton TownsPi OmegaKentucky State University
Haley HuntXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Hannah BotzmanXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Hannah SilversteinAlpha PhiWashington University
Hunter A. HallAlpha Eta LambdaEureka College
Inayah Z. KhurshidAlpha Delta XiChristopher Newport University
Isabella OmpokAlpha Delta PhiSeton Hall University
Jackson StewartDelta ThetaUniversity of Louisville
Jacob TehranianEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
James A. Teeter IIIIota MuUniversity of South Carolina at Columbia
Jenna BryanNu ThetaRowan University
Jetta A. McPheeEpsilon ZetaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jocelyn EberXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Jordan CarrollEta EpsilonMillikin University
Julia BatesXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Julianne M. WilsonAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University
Justin J. ShananaquetEpsilon LambdaMichigan Technological University
Kaelen Q. WhiteAlpha Theta EpsilonGeorgia State University
Kai P. GarciaLambda PhiEastern Michigan University
Kallie M. KeaslerAlpha PhiWashington University
Kami ZiolkowskiGamma PiUniversity of Michigan Ann Arbor
Larry Joseph Smith IIKappa DeltaFlorida A&M University
Leah MontgomeryIota AlphaUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville
Leslie M. RappPi EtaLoyola University of Chicago
Lesther Josué OrellanaChi ThetaColumbus State University
Lilah ShernitXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Linda C. McMillanEpsilon PiSouthern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Lucas E. NivenMu PiColorado School of Mines
Mackenzie SeymourNu ThetaRowan University
Mariagisse MoralesPhi XiAustin College
Marie HosepAlpha Zeta IotaGrand Valley State University
Megan CasciolaXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Morgan WinnerAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University
Mylea PhouAlpha Alpha XiUniversity of the Pacific
Natalia S. Peña CruzAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University
Nicole N. GrantKappa PhiSaint Lawrence University
Nina DuongAlpha Zeta IotaGrand Valley State University
Oliva WhitacreXi UpsilonUniversity of Mount Union
Paige A. KirschnerAlpha PhiWashington University
Rachel FinkTau BetaAppalachian State University
Rachel H. UlrichAlpha Delta EtaSUNY University at Albany
Rahmel S. Amadi-EminaPsi SigmaAlbany State University
Richard C. RianUpsilonUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Robin HaggenmillerPhi DeltaCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Ronnya BrownAlpha Theta EpsilonGeorgia State University
Savannah M. TurtonAlpha ZetaUniversity of Kentucky
Sean M. WillemannTheta AlphaStevens Institute of Technology
Shondwella A. EllisBeta ZetaUniversity of Georgia
Simon DeBruinZeta DeltaMiami University
Taylor M. CoonanDelta SigmaUniversity of Connecticut
Taylor WiewioraAlpha ZetaUniversity of Kentucky
T'maya HendersonAlpha Theta EpsilonGeorgia State University
Toni A. SmerteneSigma SigmaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Trayondus J. BaynardPsi SigmaAlbany State University
Trinity HughesAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth University