august, 2020

Alpha Phi Omega has designated the first week of November as National Service Week (NSW), in order to unify chapters with a national theme, inspire expansion of their service programs and increase the impact they have on the communities they serve.


National Service Week is an annual event that stretches back to 1979, when Dr. Stan Carpenter, Xi Omicron ’68, thought there needed to be a time when all brothers united to provide service as members of the National Service Fraternity. At a July 1979 Board of Directors meeting, Brother Carpenter moved that National Service Day be conducted and promoted as “Service Day 1979 – A Celebration of Service,” and his motion was successful. Then National Service Chairman, Brother Carpenter would later become National President. National Service Day was expanded to a full week in 1996, and since then, APO brothers have performed service for a week each year reflecting a specific theme determined biennially at the National Convention.

The National Service Week program is November 1-7, 2020 with an emphasis for “Diabetes Awareness” with special focus on “Education Awareness in Communities”.

With the safety of all members of our campus, community, and nation in mind, we ask help to further this cause. Every member has a part to play. From starting a National Service Week project on campus, to spreading awareness of this endeavor, to simply talking and listening to another student, we all have the power to make a difference.


Chapter officers must submit an NSW report through the Chapter Officer Portal by November 15. Reports are REQUIRED for a chapter to remain in good standing with the Fraternity regardless of whether or not the chapter did a project. Please be prompt. Timely submission of this report is imperative for the chapter to qualify for the Chapter of Excellence Award.


The National Service Committee has developed a handbook for chapters and extension groups to refer to as they plan and implement their NSW projects. The handbook contains more information on NSW and the history of the program, project planning tips and timelines, as well as reporting information.

Download the National Service Week Handbook

Project Ideas & Resources

Listed below are a few ideas for projects that are congruent with the themes for NSW 2019. It is up to each chapter and extension group to determine what kind of project to do. Don’t feel limited to this list. It is intended to help jump start ideas and find a the project best suited for the chapter and community.

  • Does your campus have health center? If so, do they coordinate any efforts to prevent diabetes on campus? Join forces with them!
  • Find a local Step Out Walk event, through the American Diabetes Association, and partner with them either by participating or helping run it.
  • Pledge to do all you can to Stop Diabetes and add your name to the map on The growing movement supports research, advocacy and community outreach and tells the world that you are taking a stand against this devastating disease.
  • Find a local Step Out Walk, through American Diabetes Association, and partner with them either by participating or helping run it.
  • Plan a reading event either with the local public library or another local organization. Invite
    the children from the community to it and educate them on diabetes.
  • Contact your local school district and see if there is a way to plan an event with them.