Alpha Phi Omega has designated the first week of November as National Service Week (NSW), in order to unify chapters under a national theme, inspire expansion of chapter service programs and increase the impact chapters have on the communities they serve.


National Service Week is an annual event that dates back to 1979 when Dr. Stan Carpenter, Xi Omicron ’68, thought there needed to be a time when all brothers united to provide service as members of a national organization. At a July 1979 Board of Directors meeting, Brother Carpenter moved that National Service Day be conducted and promoted as “Service Day 1979 – A Celebration of Service,” and his motion was successful. Then National Service Chairman, Brother Carpenter would later become National President.


National Service Day was expanded to a full week in 1996 and since then, APO brothers have performed service for a week each year reflecting a specific theme determined biennially at National Convention.


The theme for National Service Week 2021 will be the environment. Under this theme, chapters and members will work to improve the environment and educate their community on improving the environment. Watch the National Service Week Chair Ava Raddatz announce this theme in the video below. 

Sample projects for this theme include: 

  • Cleaning up a park 
  • Planting trees 
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter 
  • Raising climate change awareness 

We’re looking forward to seeing the Fraternity unite in service for the environment next November! 

The National Service Week program was November 1-7, 2020 with an emphasis on “Diabetes Awareness” with special focus on “Education Awareness in Your Community”.

Thank you to all the members who participated in National Service Week this November by raising diabetes awareness! Chapters hosted both virtual and in person events to educate themselves and their communities on diabetes. Check out some of their projects below. 


Chapter officers must submit a NSW report through the Chapter Officer Portal by November 15. Reports are REQUIRED for a chapter to remain in good standing with the Fraternity, regardless of whether or not the chapter did a project. Please be prompt. Timely submission of this report is required for the chapter to qualify for the Chapter of Excellence Award.