Pre-Authorized Giving


Sustaining Giving


Pre-authorized donations are also called sustaining or recurring gifts. The gift supports the Torchbearer Fund and is divided monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly using your credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT). The frequency chosen will then be equally divided over the fiscal year and may be cancelled at any time by contacting the National Office.


What are the benefits of making a sustaining gift? Once the donation is set-up, you do not have to remember to send in your gift. Many members find this helpful when working with their personal finances by spreading out payments over the year. It also saves the Fraternity money by lowering our solicitation costs.


How does it work? Just complete the online form below as the initial step and our office will call to obtain the remaining details necessary to finalize the setup process. You will receive an e-mail each time we process your recurring gift and an annual letter for your tax records.


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NOTE Payment Method Details:

  • If you select to pay using EFT - please send a voided check as authorization for the gift to be transferred from the specified bank account
  • If you select to pay using Credit Card - for security purposes - our office will contact you to obtain the necessary details

  • I understand that I can SUSPEND my pre-authorized giving at any time simply by notifying the APO National Office at 816-373-8667.