Text on a background made of red and orange leaves. Text reads, "Now accepting nominations for the 2022 fall pledge class namesake honoree."

Now Accepting Nominations for the 2022 Fall Pledge Class Namesake Honoree!

Nominations for the 2022 fall pledge class namesake honoree are now open! Each year, Alpha Phi Omega selects an honoree after whom to name the fall pledge class, someone who reflects the Fraternity’s Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service.

The criteria used in considering nominations are:

  • For nominees whose accomplishments are within the Fraternity (including chapter advisors), we are looking for those who have had a significant and positive impact at the regional level, at minimum, over a sustained period of time.
  • For those nominated for work outside of Alpha Phi Omega, we are looking for persons who have had a comparable impact at the national level over a sustained period of time.

While deceased individuals and groups of people or organizations may be nominated, preference is given to living and individual nominees.

For your convenience, a listing of previous honorees is can be found on this page.

A committee of alumni volunteers of a variety of backgrounds and experiences will review all applications and make a recommendation to the National Board of Directors at its summer 2022 meeting.

Complete nominations must be received in the National Office no later than May 15, 2022. Electronic submissions may be made to [email protected].

Nominations may be made by any Alpha Phi Omega brother or group (chapter, recognized alumni association, etc.). To be complete, a nomination must include the following information presented in this order:

  • An introductory cover letter signed by the individual or authorized representative of the group making the nomination
  • A brief biographical sketch of the individual or description of the organization being nominated and its work
  • Current contact information for the nominee, including address, telephone number(s) and email address (if applicable), and contact name if nominee is a group or organization
  • A listing of the nominee’s actions, accomplishments and life experiences that reflect the Fraternity’s Cardinal Principles, and how those items indicate or demonstrate that the criteria have been met
  • Any additional information or comments the nominator wishes the committee to consider
  • Current contact information for the nominator, including telephone number(s) and email address. For nominations submitted by chapters or other groups of people, names and contact information must be included for at least two representatives.



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