APO National Convention

After much consideration, the Alpha Phi Omega Board of Directors has decided to postpone the 46th Biennial National Conventionoriginally scheduled for December 2020 and tentatively reschedule for December 2021. 


The health and safety of our members and guests of the Convention are of the utmost importance to the Fraternity and were the deciding factors in the decision. The elements of Leadership, Friendship and Service we’ve come to enjoy at the National Convention are proving to be challenging to incorporate in a socially distanced fashion, given the resort’s facilities and Fraternity’s expected attendance numbers. 


Many questions regarding this update have been answered below. As more decisions are made, and details are confirmed, this page will be updated. 


If you have a question that has not been included, please complete the form hereSelect the “events” option in the drop-down menu to organize your question regarding the event.  

  • Will a legislative session take place in 2020? 

Yes, although the Convention has been postponed, a brief virtual legislative session will be held to conduct the essential business of the Fraternity including elections. 

Each chapter is asked to select two voting delegates to participate in the legislative session. Registration for voting delegates will be made available in mid-September and will close on December 1, 2020.

The virtual legislative session will take place on December 28 at 1:00 p.m. EST. 


  • Why not a virtual Convention? 

Alpha Phi Omega is about community.  When we gather for conferences, the feedback we regularly hear is how important networking and interaction is to our members experience.  We do not believe that experience can be duplicated in a virtual environment.  New educational resources are being made available to members on an ongoing basis.  A chapter can choose how to best use these resources without attending a session at a particular time. 


  • Who can participate? 

Every chapter can and should participate.  In a virtual format, every chapter should be able to have two voting delegates.  Additionally, the Board of Directors, Past National Presidents, former Life Members of the Board, program chairs, sectional chairs, regional chairs and alumni regional representatives should all participate.   

Use the Section Chair Substitute Form and the Regional Alumni Voting Delegate Form to report these delegates for credentialing. This form is due by December 1, 2020. 


  • Can I watch the legislative session? 

For security, cost management, and accuracy reasons, the legislative session will only be available to those who have a vote and/or voice on the legislative floor.   


  • How will national officer elections happen?  

The deadline for nominations submissions has passed.

A nominations committee has been formed of students from the Student Advisory Council and two past national presidents.  They will present a slate of candidates to the membership by December 1.    Voting will be conducted through electronic polls and the results shared with all members of the legislative session.  


  • How can I submit a proposal to the legislative body?  

Proposals can be submitted in writing, i.e., via the US Postal Service or express delivery service such as UPS or FedEx or electronically, i.e., via email to[email protected] Proposals must be received no later than September 28, 2020.  All submissions must be in the proper format to be considered. 

Legislation Templates: Resolution Template    Amendment Template


  • Will regional elections be conducted virtually? 

Regions elections will be held on December 29th. Refer to the voting delegate tab for more specific information.  


  • Will there be swearing-in ceremonies?  

Yes.  A separate session will take place for the officer swearingin. This session will be open for anyone interested in viewing. This session is tentatively scheduled for December 29th 

  • How do voting delegates register for the legislative session? 

Chapter officers can submit their voting delegates in the Officer Portal starting in late September. The deadline for submitting voting delegates is December 1, 2020 


  • What happens after we submit our voting delegates?  

Once a chapter’s voting delegates are reported in the Officer Portal and processed,  the form will no longer show as due in the chapter’s portal.  

Voting delegates will receive a personal link to access the legislative session the week of December 15th. This link will be sent to the email addressed used during registration.  


  • How are sectional chair substitutes and regional alumni voting delegates being handled?

Use the following forms to report these these delegates for credentialing. The deadline for submitting these forms is December 1st, 2020. In early December regional chairs will receive a list of completed forms to approve.

Sectional Chair Substitute Form        Regional Alumni Voting Delegate Form 


  • What about non-chapter voting delegates such as sectional chairs, regional chairs, program chairs, alumni regional representatives, board members, etc.?  

These voting delegates will receive personalized access link to the legislative session the week of December 14th 

The following delegate categories require a preliminary approval: sectional chair substitutes, advisor delegates and alumni regional representativesAn online authorization form will be made available in late September and is due to the National Office Staff by December 1.  


  • When will regional chair elections occur?  

Regional chair nominations and elections will take place on December 29. Separate virtual sessions will be conducted for each region. Refer to the following schedule for region meeting times:  

Region R  Region Q  Region P  10:00 a.m. EST 
Region O  Region N  Region M  11:00 a.m. EST 
Region L  Region K  Region J  1:00 p.m. EST 
Region I  Region H  Region G  2:00 p.m. EST 
Region F  Region E  Region D  3:00 p.m. EST 
Region C   Region B  Region   4:00 p.m. ES 


  • How do I access the regional meeting? 

Voting delegates will receive a second email with a personalized access link for their corresponding regional meeting. These links will be sent to voting delegates the week of December 14th 

  • What does it mean for Convention to be postponed? 

All in-person events associated with the 2020 National Convention have been tentatively postponed until December 2021. The 2021 event will take place at the JW Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ. 


  • Will the hotel rates stay the same for the new date? 

The JW Marriott Desert Ridge has agreed to maintain the original room rate of $120 per room per night. We will begin accepting reservations for the new date mid-2021.