Conference Resources

Area and sectional conferences hold many purposes within the Fraternity. A conference allows members to assemble in a setting that increases the opportunity to share ideas, develop leaders, promote friendships and provide service. Conferences are also an opportunity to conduct the business of the Fraternity and elect national leaders.  Conferences on all levels provide a unique learning experience for all who attend. Conference attendance additionally reinforces inter-chapter visitations by establishing an appreciation for the national scope of Alpha Phi Omega.

Conference Resources

The conference registration site represents the first impression of a conference to the attendees. Effective and efficient event registration software is key to a successful conference. Below are three quick tips for setting up a registration process that will be sure to please attendees.

  • Put your registration link everywhere!
    Ensure that your registration page is accessible from multiple access points such as an email invite, a calendar event, and your own region/ section website.


  • Keep your registration form short and sweet!
    Prior to setting up your registration form determine what information is needed from attendees. It is essentials that your registration form collects all of the necessary information in an effective way that does not cause attendees to spend an excessive amount of time.


  • Provide details!
    Registrants will feel better about paying for conference registration if they have an idea of what will be included in their registration. Include details on the schedule as well as the location of the conference and where attendees should go to arrange accommodations.

Assembling a determined conference planning committee is the first step towards hosting a successful region/section conference. Planning committees are typically made up of brothers from the chapter that is hosting the conference. Committees are advised and lead by the regional chair and/or sectional chair. Possible committee roles include…


  • Facilities-conference location, meeting space,  hotel accommodations, etc.
  • Registration– pre-conference form and onsite check in.
  • Programming-workshops, APO LEADS, banquet, etc.
  • Budgeting– tickets, fundraising, event cost, food & beverage cost, etc.
  • Public Relations-marketing, social media, e-mail invites, event website, etc.

In the planning and conducting of conferences, the host chapter must keep a good record with receipts, of all finances. A budget should be set and approved by the sectional chair (if a sectional conference) or the regional chair (if a regional conference). It is vital that conference finances remain separate from chapter finances. At the end of the conference, the host chapter must submit a final and thorough financial report to the planning committee and either the sectional or regional chair, depending on the type of conference.


For questions on how to manage conference finances, e-mail [email protected].

One of the first steps in developing a conference marketing plan is selecting a conference theme.  It is important to strategically think through the process of selecting a theme for your conference. How can you incorporate the mission and vision of the National Fraternity into your conference theme? You will also want your theme to be present in all aspects of your conference such as social media advertising, apparel, and conference programming. For more information on APO’s brand refer to the Style Guide.


Sectional and Regional Conferences are a great opportunity for brothers to complete APO LEADS Courses. Conference organizers can request that an APO LEADS course be scheduled at their conference through the link below.

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