Chapter Officers

The mark of a healthy chapter is in the functions of its officers and advisors. Delegation, organization, communication, enthusiasm and vision are key.


The Fraternity has a great deal of resources available to help officers navigate the responsibilities that come with serving their chapters and ensure they are properly maintaining the business of the Fraternity.

Virtual Chapter Resources
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We know that collecting and paying national fees and dues as a group are more difficult when members are spread across the country, so the Fraternity has launched an individual payment portal where students can pay their portion of chapter invoices with the Fraternity.  This will allow students to directly pay their pledge and initiate fees, and Active Member Dues without needing to send money to the chapter. A cell phone will need to be recorded for the person paying in order to get a secured access code to access their balance due and payment portal. The chapter’s invoice will be updated to reflect the payment and a weekly payment summary will be sent to chapter presidents and treasurers each week.


APO Individual Payment Portal


The payment portal is also available on the Alpha Phi Omega Mobile Resource App.

There’s no denying that social distancing forced most, if not all, chapters to make quick and substantial pivots in terms of chapter operations this past spring. While this was an uncomfortable and less than ideal situation that likely challenged the leadership skills of officers and members, APO chapters across the country answered the call and found ways to ensure students stayed connected, supported each other and their communities through crisis, and continued finding ways to be a leader, be a friend and be of service. The commitment of our students to improve the world for those around them, no matter how far apart the world might seem, was awe-inspiring.


Chapters are beginning to pivot operations and make adjustments to programming to match the current state of the chapter and campus environment. In doing so, programs like recruitment and  retention should be at the forefront of chapter officers’ minds so the community each chapter has built over the past term, year and beyond can be maintained.


The tools and resources below have been designed to help chapters make adjustments to recruitment with innovative ideas, tips to consider when making changes and much more. Also, be sure to check out the Branded Templates Tab on this page for items the chapter can use on social media and beyond to promote joining Alpha Phi Omega!


Use the templates below on your chapter’s social media profile to help with recruitment. Stock photos were included in the designs, however these templates can be easily placed in programs such as Canva or DesignBold and updated with images of chapter members, text, stickers, etc. For information on what fonts and colors to use to best represent the APO Brand, check out the Fraternity’s Style Guide!


Social Media Story Image Templates (NEW!)

Social Media Post Image Templates (NEW!)

APO Slide Deck Template (NEW!)

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds (NEW!)

On Demand Introduction to Alpha Phi Omega Course

The Introduction to Alpha Phi Omega training course in the APO Online Learning Center was designed by the Fraternity’s Pledge Education Taskforce to guide pledges and new members through their first step of membership of APO. This resource shares essential information about the Fraternity, its values and its founding to help pledges and new members gain a full understanding of what this wonderful organization is all about! The Fraternity welcomes you as a new member and looks forward to seeing the service you will provide as a leader of your campus. Completion of this course is the equivalent of a six-week in-person new member training requirement. A certificate of completion will be provided to learners once all modules and assessments are finished.


This course pairs well with the Fraternity’s APO LEADS Launch On-Demand, which is also available in the APO Online Learning Center.



Below are instructions to help you access the APO Online Learning Center and enroll in the Launch On-Demand Course.

  • If you do not have an APO Online Learning Center account…
    • New learners will be able to access the APO Online Learning Center and enroll in Introduction to Alpha Phi Omega at the same time using the instructions below!
      • Visit the web enrollment site
      • Enter the requested details, including the course key –Alpha1925– and click “Register”
      • Check the email you used to register for further login details and instructions
      • Log in using the link in the email
      • Visit the “My Learning” tab
      • Click “Launch Course” to access the course outline
      • Click the blue “Launch Course” button in the far right corner of the page to begin
  • If you already have an APO Online Learning Center account, but forgot your password…
    • Go to the APO Online Learning Center
    • Click “Password” and enter the email address associated with the account and hit “Send”
    • Check your email for login details and instructions
    • Once logged in…
      • Visit the “Course Catalog” tab on the left
      • Type “Introduction” in the Search Bar and then hit enter
      • Click “Enroll” on the course image
      • Visit the “My Learning” tab on the left
      • Click “Launch Course” to access the course outline
      • Click the blue “Launch Course” button in the far right corner of the page to begin
  • If you already have an APO Online Learning Center account…
        • Log in to the APO Online Learning Center
        • Visit the “Course Catalog” tab on the left
        • Type “Introduction” in the Search Bar and then hit enter
        • Click “Enroll” on the course image
        • Visit the “My Learning” tab on the left
        • Click “Launch Course” to access the course outline
        • Click the blue “Launch Course” button in the far right corner of the page to begin

Welcoming a new member or initiate into Alpha Phi Omega is a rewarding and moving experience for both the student and the chapter that can continue in the virtual chapter environment. The Fraternity has put together virtual arrangements for both the Pledge Ritual and Initiate Ritual that provides setup and instructions for these online video conference events. These are recommendations and can be adjusted to fit the technological needs of the chapter and its students. If you have questions or want to work through a plan for these virtual events, contact [email protected] so a team member can connect with you.

The virtual ritual arrangements are for members only, so the PDF and Supplements are available for download by chapter officers in the Chapter Officer Portal Library.

  •  Pledge Ritual – Virtual Adaptation.pdf
  •  Virtual Pledge Ceremony Supplement.pdf
  •  Initiate Ritual – Virtual Arrangement.pdf
  •  Virtual Initiate Ceremony Supplement.pdf

The spirit of service is not limited to in-person interaction and can be adapted and changed to a more virtual environment to fit the needs of the chapter, campus, community and cause.  Below are a few resources intended to help spark creativity in the virtual service program of your chapter.


1. Reach out to current chapter service partners to see if there are any volunteer opportunities that can be completed remotely.

2. Offer more “work-from-home” opportunities where students can complete service hours with online or remote organizations of their choosing & increase the number of outside-APO hours permitted. See the Virtual Service Guide above for ideas.

3. Group service projects could take place virtually if students gathered supplies individually in their own homes (I.E. everyone making bracelets together on Skype) to later donate to a children’s hospital).

4. Setting up a donation drive or fundraiser can always be held over the summer, or until it’s safe to drop-off at a location. Students could earn service hours by sending a picture of a bag of clothes to donate, for example.

5. Brainstorm ways to add service to the fraternity hours to your program. For example, giving service hours to students who take extra APO virtual webinars to further develop their skills for their chapters.

We need each other more than ever right now! Don’t stop the fellowship just because you are living in different zip codes. Work together as a chapter to find creative ways to keep in touch and support each other. The relationships you have made in APO are good for the soul and can keep being a huge part of your virtual support system. If you have a tip that you would like to share and add to this list, email [email protected] with the subject: Virtual Fellowship Idea for chapters.


1. If students individually play a multi-player game online or on a game console, they could set up a time to live chat over Skype or Zoom during their games to have fellowship.

2. Group fellowship events could take place virtually if students planned to play a game, hang out, chat, watch a movie, etc over a video conference call.

3. Take some of the typical fellowship events your chapter hosts and see which ones can be held remotely (or over a video chat). Ex: Instead of a restaurant outing, maybe everyone cooks a meal together over Skype or Zoom.

4. Fellowship events with pledges this spring are very important since they still need a chance to get to know actives. Try hosting a ‘speed dating’ or get-to-know-you event for everyone over the phone/video chat.

5. Try hosting online family competitions or big/little games to inspire brother bonding & more family ties in your chapter.

General Officer Resources