APO LEADS Course Roster Submission

april, 2020

This form is to be used by APO LEADS presenters to submit course attendee rosters to the National Office. Rosters should be submitted in an Excel document format and should include all attendees full name, chapter, and student status. The following document can be used as a template. If you have questions about the roster submission process email the course coordinator at [email protected] 
APO LEADS Roster Submission From

Use this from to submit APO LEADS course attendee rosters to the National Office. 

REMINDER: Course rosters are due no later than two weeks after the course date. It is important that rosters are reported in a timely manner to ensure attendees receive proper credit for course completion. Submitting rosters to the National Office is the only way to ensure accurate record keeping. 

Notice: Handwritten lists will not be accepted. Rosters must be in an excel document format to properly transfer to our database.

Director Namepresenters first & last name
Course Location
Citycourse city
Course Date
Course Roster*Excel document only (.xlsx)