APO LEADS leadership development program consists of five modular components of leadership development. Learn more below about these five components and how this interactive program can help launch a leadership development journey!

LAUNCH: As the prerequisite for all other APO LEADS courses Launch increases participants’ knowledge of leadership skills and what it means to be a Servant Leader while also providing strategies to apply within their chapters.


EXPLORE: This course educates attendees on the skills necessary to effectively resolve and manage conflict, discusses the sources of conflict, and focuses on practicing ethical decision-making.


ACHIEVE: This course centers on the advantages of generating a team-like atmosphere by teaching participants a set of skills that set them up to be able to lead their chapters to universal success.


DISCOVER: This course is a comprehensive training on the strategies of assertive communication and self-motivation. Participants will gain a better understanding of their own and other’s social interaction styles.


SERVE: This weekend-long training session is designed to allow students to learn and practically apply project and meeting management and delegation in a group setting. Serve is available during the summer and over President’s Day weekend at various locations around the country.


Each of the components address a different aspect of leadership growth that allows attendees to continue developing skills no matter their level of experience. Collectively, this series is designed to equip attendees with the skills to enable them to be successful leaders and team members in any situation they encounter in college and beyond.

Request a Course

The Fraternity will be taking course requests for the 2022-23 school year.


APO LEADS Launch and Discover are both available online with on demand elements that can be completed at the individual's convenience.

Creating a Virtual Leadership Program

Download this road map to assist with developing a leadership development program that is adapted for virtual and socially distant operations.

CNP Certification

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