Leading Through Service

Leadership is one of the three Cardinal Principles of Alpha Phi Omega. As a national organization, Alpha Phi Omega strives to develop our members as leaders through service to others. This approach builds the leadership skills of our members while fulfilling a need on campuses and in communities, therefore leaving a lasting impact on our nation.


Alpha Phi Omega develops the leadership skills of its members through shared leadership. Our members have the opportunity to serve as a chapter officer or to plan and execute any number of volunteer projects and social programs, as well as have the chance to participate in a variety of leadership development programs sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega.


Additionally, Alpha Phi Omega facilitates educational programs to help guide our members through the process of becoming leaders and improving current leadership skills.

Alpha Phi Omega’s premier educational programs


    The APO LEADS program is a personal odyssey of learning, leading, and serving.

  • Volunteer University

    The Fraternity's graduate school designed especially for alumni and volunteers.