Introducing the New and Improved Pledge Manual


It is an exciting time to be a new member of Alpha Phi Omega! New resources for chapters to utilize during the pledge or new member education phase have been created. The Fraternity’s Pledge Education Task Force has been hard at work the past two years reviewing and updating the Fraternity’s resources available to new members. We are excited to announce the Pledge Manual received a major update as a result of their feedback, to better fit the needs of the new members and the chapters they represent.

Features New Training Tools:

  1. Updated and focused content that will cover the elements most important in the development of a brother of APO.
  2. Organized into six modules, each intended to model a meeting for the pledge or new member class, with an optional seventh module.
  3. Interactive worksheets to help organize new information and reinforce what they learned in the module
  4. Reflection questions to work through with facilitation from the pledge or new member educator
  5. A pledge or new member educator syllabus to help organize the educational experience for the new members.


Download the manual today!

This key resource is available now for download and is available in hard copy in the store. 

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