Introducing Alpha Phi Omega’s New Leaders on the Operations Council

Alpha Phi Omega is proud to introduce the following brothers as new leaders on the Operations Council. APO is supported and led by volunteers like these who have dedicated themselves through shared connections to bettering the Fraternity. Through these connections, we can continue to grow into a meaningful organization that can provide more leaders on more campuses through service.  


Program Chairs 

Advisor Development & Engagement Chair – Kimberlee Castillo Yee, Alpha Alpha Xi Chapter ‘83 

Alumni Relations Chair – Wendy A. Kane, Gamma Phi Chapter 98 

Education & Operations Chair – Dawn M. Gurganious, Alpha Delta Delta Chapter ‘96 

Extension Chair – Melissa A. Donndelinger, Nu Pi Chapter ‘03 

International Relations Chair – Ping Huang, Alpha Chi Chapter ‘90 

Volunteer Development Chair – Eden Adriana Collins, Nu Beta Chapter ‘09 

Leadership Development Chair – Matthew C. Rom, Ph.D., Delta Beta Chapter ‘04 

Meetings & Conferences Chair – Tarence Lafayette Smith, Alpha Psi Chapter ‘02 

Membership Chair – Brandyn M. Fairchild, Theta Theta Chapter ‘08 

Service Chair – David P. Amelotti, Beta Psi Chapter ‘10 


Regional Chairs 

Region A Chair – Colin Rice, Zeta Psi Chapter ’10 

Region B Chair – Susan Taylor, Alpha Zeta Upsilon Chapter ’10 

Region C Chair – James W. Roach, Epsilon Chapter ’97 

Region D Chair – William H. Russell, Alpha Rho Chapter ’02 

Region E Chair – Amy Sue Little, Omicron Chapter ’04 

Region F Chair – Justin M. Martin, Alpha Alpha Chapter ’04 

Region G Chair – Michael DeLuka, Epsilon Lambda Chapter ’97 

Region H Chair – Brittany A. Ramsey, Alpha Gamma Xi Chapter ’11 

Region I Chair – John T. Strada Jr., Delta Chapter ’93 

Region J Chair – Michael Francis, Delta Kappa Chapter ‘96 

Region K Chair – Michael R. Brown, Alpha Delta Tau Chapter ’98 

Region L Chair – Jennifer R. Headman, Omicron Iota Chapter ’97 

Region M Chair – James A. Kolling, Alpha Delta Xi Chapter ’98 

Region N Chair – Diane L. Trafton, Alpha Delta Delta Chapter ’93 

Region O Chair – Joshua Blackwood, Iota Omega Chapter ’12 

Region P Chair – Eric J. Strickland, Nu Psi Chapter ’09 

Region Q Chair – Aaron C. Knight, Phi Chapter ’06 

Region R Chair – Collette M. D’Errico, Omicron Iota Chapter ‘12 

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