Blue & Gold Society

``Amy and I named Alpha Phi Omega as a beneficiary of my insurance policy because we wanted to give back to the organization that has given us so much. It was through APO that we made most of the meaningful friendships we have today and where I made contacts that led me to my present occupation. It's also the common interest that acted as a conduit for Amy and I to meet and fall in love. Becoming members of the Blue & Gold Society is but a kind gesture compared to the happiness, friendships and memories the Fraternity has and continues to provide us.``
Tom Westfall, Alpha Gamma '05, Amy (Pivovarnik) Westfall, Alpha Gamma '01.

The Blue & Gold Society recognizes gifts to Alpha Phi Omega Endowment made by members of the Fraternity. These commitments provide a continuing source of income to enable the Fraternity to achieve its strategic goals in growth, programs and membership and to strengthen the values of Leadership, Friendship and Service for decades to come.  


Gifts to the Blue Gold Society may be outright gifts of cash, made during the donor’s lifetime to provide an immediate source of incomeDeferred gifts made as a part of an estate plan for transfer to the Endowment at a future date or upon the donor’s death are also accepted.

Recognitionfor Blue & Gold Society members includes:            

  • VIP status at the National Convention 
  • Personal letters of gratitude from the National President, National Executive Director and Endowment Chair 
  • A gift memento presented at an appropriate occasion 


For more information on the Blue & Gold Society, please contact National Executive Director Bob London at 816-373-8667 or email [email protected].