Brother Richard “Rick” L. Diles II, Beta Sigma ’81, has been named the 2023 Fall Pledge Class Namesake Honoree! Brother Diles has spent decades involved in Alpha Phi Omega, including his service as the National BSA Representative on the Alpha Phi Omega Board of Directors from 2008 to 2016.


Please join the Fraternity in congratulating Brother Diles!


You can read Brother Diles’ challenge to the upcoming Pledge/New Member Class below.


Greetings brothers and those to be, 

It is a stunning honor to be the 2023 Fall Pledge and New Member Class Namesake.  

As a boy, I learned about Alpha Phi Omega from a page in my Boy Scout Handbook. Years later, in the first week of my freshman semester of college, I spotted a poster promoting an APO recruiting “smoker”. I remember hiking across campus thinking “What am I doing? I don’t know anybody that’ll be at this thing!” Now, 42 years later, I’ve made many dear friends because of that hike. 

I challenge all fall 2023 pledges and new members to create an event that brings Scouts to campus and demonstrates APO as an active community leader, as well as expands your chapter’s strategic service partnerships.   

Hosting Scouts on campus is an exciting opportunity. Here are seven steps to consider: 

  1. Know your capabilities: Before you collaborate with the scouting organization to develop plans, brainstorm activities that align with your chapter goals and campus resources. This could include campus tours, Badge Day, classrooms for training events, campus beautification, Eagle Scout & Gold Award Reception, Lock-in at Rec Center, etc. 
  2. Contact scouting organizations: If your chapter isn’t already connected via your advisors, reach out to the local councils of the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts USA to express your interest in hosting them on your campus. Don’t give up. If you don’t hear back from the “office”, reach out to individual “troops” via these tools:
  3. Discuss ideas with the scouting organization: Determine the number of scouts, dates, and any specific activities or facilities desired.
  4. Coordinate logistics: Reserve classrooms well ahead. Be sure to consider parent parking in your plans. Liability waivers and insurance coverage may be required. Share any campus rules or regulations visitors need to follow and provide your guests with a point of contact for assistance during their visit. Don’t forget dining options, and restrooms.
  5. Arrange chapter members and pledges to serve as guides for Scouts: Your team can assist with navigating the campus, answering questions and ensuring a smooth experience. If you need extra help, contact other campus service-minded clubs. 
  6. Execute a great event: It’s simple: Be a leader. Be a friend. Be of service. 
  7. After the visit: Collect feedback from Scouts and your campus representatives to identify future improvements.


Remember, each scouting organization may have specific guidelines and preferences, so please maintain regular communication throughout the process. If your interactions with Scouts go well, who knows, you might just recruit a future pledge class namesake. 


In LFS, 

Rick Diles 


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