Vice President of Service Resources

A vice president of service is passionate about connecting the chapter to service opportunities that spark excitement and passion among members. They are invested in expanding chapter relations, beginning new projects and serving the needs of the chapter, campus, community and country. A vice president of service recognizes the importance of the Cardinal Principle of Service and how it impacts chapter growth. Through that, this officer aims to allow every member of the chapter to engage meaningfully in service throughout their time in the Fraternity, adapting the service program to match the desires of members and building intentional relationships with volunteers and organizations that promote servant leadership.


  1. Establish and implement a service program that promotes leadership development and skill-building through active participation in projects and events that support local and national communities
  2. Plan projects in line with national programming, such as National Service Week and Spring Youth Service Day, and ensure that relevant information is submitted through the Officer Portal in a timely manner
  3. Track each member’s submitted service hours, keeping a record of individual and chapter totals
  4. Encourage members to find their passion for service by promoting diverse service opportunities both on campus and in the community
  5. Stay up to date with upcoming service opportunities in the section and region through keeping in touch with nearby chapters
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With service as one of the three Cardinal Principles of the Fraternity, it’s no wonder this position is essential to the executive committee team. The hard work of this officer allows the chapter to take concrete, tangible steps towards making a difference on campus, in the community and beyond! This officer will reach out to members and volunteers alike, coordinating schedules and planning events that complement the interests of those involved. Remember, service is integral to the longevity of a chapter. Every brother contributes their unique interests and experiences to the overall diversification of the service program. From timely reporting to national service opportunities and service diversity, the vice president of service has an agenda that revolves around making the world a better place through shared connections.


With service as the foundation of many chapters, this officer will keep a close eye on service provided by each member and the chapter at large, sharing updates that may highlight service milestones and outstanding accomplishments. Maintenance of accurate records can be done through spreadsheets or other tracking software and should be shared with other officers to promote transparency.


In order to serve to the best of the chapter’s abilities, it is important to remember the four Cs of service: chapter, campus, community and country. Creating awareness and promoting diversity in the capacity in which the chapter serves will encourage members to meaningfully engage with networks.

Keeping that in mind, the chapter should strive to participate in all national service events, remembering that National Service Week and Spring Youth Service Day are both excellent ways to connect to the national agenda of the Fraternity! National Service Week takes place in the first half of November, with a national theme chosen during the National Convention. It serves to unify chapters with a national theme, inspire expansion of their service programs and increase the impact on the communities served. Spring Youth Service Day takes place every spring and is an opportunity to provide service to youth across the country, putting the chapter’s innovation to the test. Participation in these events demonstrates a perspective beyond the chapter level, with an extra boost since members know they’re participating in worldwide service!


Service allows for the synthesis of Leadership, Fellowship and Service events in an endless combination of ways. Not only does program diversity allow members to get involved with their favorite organizations, but it also allows for members to think critically about the services they provide and the best ways to continue volunteering. Whether during recruitment season or throughout the semester, chapters often combine events to appeal to wider audiences, increase attendance and practice ongoing recruitment. For example, a chapter may have adopted a park and decided that after every park clean-up, they will host a picnic and enjoy the area they’ve just cleaned. Or maybe the chapter participates in a yearly leadership summit that encourages members to get involved with service or fellowship groups outside of the chapter. By inviting members to expand their social and professional circles through new or recurring events, the vice president of service will be able to showcase the full potential of the chapter’s service program and demonstrate how growth and development are a top priority.


Having said that, how does the chapter gauge progress and impact made through diverse service programming? Through evaluation! Evaluation promotes chapter growth and development by allotting thoughtful time and consideration of the strengths and areas of improvement for projects held. Ask members of the chapter and community for feedback on the events they’ve participated in and take the necessary steps to make each project better than the last. By providing quality service that reflects the culture of the chapter and the needs of the area, this officer can continue to build campus and community leaders through the provision of service.


All national requirements of the Fraternity are reported through the Chapter Officer Portal, an online chapter reporting platform designed to allow chapter officers the ability to provide real-time, ongoing maintenance of the chapter membership, officer rosters and other national reporting requirements. The Officer Portal is available to all officers on record with Alpha Phi Omega.


Every officer with access to the Officer Portal should utilize the platform to best support the chapter and review forms, information and resources. For the vice president of service, the Officer Portal is where chapters will share the details of national and local service projects. In addition to sharing the impact a chapter is making on campus and in the community, the Officer Portal is host to service-related grants. These grants are offered by the Fraternity to provide financial support for innovative projects or projects that target youth services. If there is uncertainty for how form or application submissions can be made, an abundance of how-to guides and videos to support officers in their duties can be found in the library of the Officer Portal.


The vice president of service is responsible for completing the tasks on the Officer Portal listed below (with an asterisk denoting forms that are optional, or as needed):

Spring Youth Service Day Participation Report

  • If the chapter participated in a Spring Youth Service Day project, an additional report will populate to share the details of the project.


National Service Week Participation Report

  • If the chapter participated in National Service Week, an additional report will populate to share the details of the project.


Annual Service Hours Report


Youth Service Grant Application**

  • If awarded the Youth Service Grant, the Youth Service Grant Report will need to be completed within two (2) weeks of the project date.


Service Innovation Grant Application**

  • If awarded the Service Innovation Grant, the Service Innovation Grant Report will need to be completed within two (2) weeks of the project date.

There are many resources – both people and material items – within reach to help guide service programming towards success. Below are a few of these resources. For more information on resources relevant to the chapter officer experience, visit the Chapter Officer Resource Area or the Library tab in the Chapter Officer Portal.

Another resource is the chapter’s advisory committee, a support system composed of faculty/staff and community members that share a desire to see the chapter, its members and Alpha Phi Omega succeed on campus. Take the time to establish expectations of all advisors, which will allow the chapter to tap into their knowledge and connections. With expectations clearly outlined, advisors will better understand how they can continue to develop through APO and support the Fraternity throughout their lifetime!


The vice president of service should maintain consistent communication with a Scouting and youth services or community advisor. When planning events and interacting with local volunteers and organizations, keep the Scouting/youth services advisor involved. They can provide resources, connections and insight regarding opportunities to serve with youth in the area. Their network can evolve into a network of the chapter’s, continuing to make the world a better place through shared connections. Similarly, the community advisor can offer an opportunistic scope into the needs of the community in which the chapter serves.

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