Pledge and New Member Educator Resources

A pledge or new member educator ensures incoming members have the requisite knowledge of the Fraternity and a foundational understanding of what the chapter represents. They are eager to meet new members and teach them how to be brothers that exemplify the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service, each in their own way. They are empathetic to the struggles that incoming members face and support members individually and as an entire pledge or new member class. Pledge or new member educators should be excited to talk about what APO means and represents, and as the first officer incoming members interact with, they should strive to be the best brothers they can be. This position is the bridge between the active chapter and its future members, leading the way towards becoming a happier, healthier chapter.


Top 5 Essential Job Functions
  1. Collaborate with the vice president of membership to welcome potential new members into the chapter
  2. Maintain accurate membership records through consistent and timely reporting
  3. Establish a holistic understanding of the chapter and the Fraternity to effectively educate pledges or new members
  4. Prepare pledges or new members for active membership by administering a sustainable education process that develops servant leaders through the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service
  5. Be the best brother you can be to guide pledges or new members to become engaged and enthusiastic active members
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Pledge or new member educators play an important role in the chapter, encouraging new members to learn and explore the principles of Alpha Phi Omega and the chapter’s influence on campus while also guiding them towards active membership. Utilizing the Introduction to Alpha Phi Omega Manual, the pledge or new member educator leads incoming classes in accomplishing the learning objectives within the training syllabus and preparing them to serve in the chapter as an active member.


The duties of this position may vary. Since this position is the new members’ most notable point of contact, this officer must place a great deal of emphasis on building rapport and creating a welcoming environment for those interested in completing the education process. Pledge or new member educators foster the connections between those in the education process while also helping them find their place in the active chapter. These connections occur through mentorship programs, member spotlights, team activities and more. Activities between the active membership and incoming members promote meaningful relationships and start building a friendship to last a lifetime.


A student’s time as a pledge or new member serves as an introduction to both the chapter and the Fraternity. The pledge or new member educator position introduces the history of the organization, from the first chartering in 1925 to the chapter’s charter on its campus. This educational period is the time to help new members understand what it means to be a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, beyond what is required or expected of them to complete. Information like chapter traditions and member expectations are learned during this time as well. Share with the new class the chapter’s and Fraternity’s goals, mission and vision, as they are there to participate and leave their own mark on APO.


The priority of this position is to welcome and prepare new members for active membership. Pledge or new member educators do this by mirroring active membership through the education process – which means building a curriculum that develops servant leaders through the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. It’s required to sustain an education process between 6 to 10 weeks, with each week covering areas such as preparing for membership, developing leadership and understanding your support system.


To create the curriculum, utilize the Introduction to Alpha Phi Omega Manual. The modules within this manual contain an outline of the topics being covered, as well as discussion and reflection questions to cultivate understanding and conversation among new members. This manual gives chapters a plan of what information to cover and when, as well as information reinforcement activities and conversations to have as a pledge or new member class.


In addition to the Introduction to Alpha Phi Omega Manual, the Pledge Program of Excellence (PPOE) award provides chapters an adaptable plan to exhibit excellence through the pledge program. The PPOE Checklist is another tool pledge or new member educators can utilize to better the education of their classes. This checklist can also be found in the Chapter Same Page Guide. During the education period, pledge or new member educators provide new members the skills and knowledge necessary to complete requirements set before them, evolving each new member into a well-rounded and enthusiastic member of the chapter!


All national requirements of the Fraternity are reported through the Chapter Officer Portal (, an online chapter reporting platform, designed to allow chapter officers the ability to provide real-time, ongoing maintenance of the chapter membership, officer rosters and other national reporting requirements. The OP is available to all officers on record with Alpha Phi Omega.


Every officer with access to Officer Portal should utilize the platform to best support the chapter and review forms, information and resources. For the pledge or new member educator, Officer Portal is where new membership management and reporting to the Fraternity takes place.


The submission of a pledge or new member class begins the process of officially recognizing a students involvement with Alpha Phi Omega. Each pledge or new member class should be reported and fees paid through the Officer Portal within 10 business days of the pledge or new member ceremony.


After pledge or new members have successfully completed 6 to 10 weeks of education and evolve to active members, it is the responsibility of the pledge or new member educator to recognize this transition through submission of an initiate class. Once paid and processed, all new active members will be presented a membership card and certificate, commemorating their commitment to making the world a better place through Alpha Phi Omega.


The pledge or new member educator is responsible for completing the tasks on Officer Portal listed below:

  • Roster Changes
  • Submitting Pledge Classes
  • Submitting Initiate Classes


More information on how and what to submit through the Chapter Officer Portal can be found in the Chapter Officer Portal User Manual, which is available in the OP Library and the Chapter Officer Resource Area of


Pledge or new member educators are the bridge that connects those interested in joining the chapter and the active chapter. They prepare those individuals for active membership and play the largest part in cultivating the future chapter. Similar to educators in schools, these educators build the curriculum that covers the objectives outlined in the Introduction to Alpha Phi Omega Manual. Through education, enthusiasm and support, the pledge or new members will look to the pledge or new member educator as the example as they transition to active membership. The tools below will help the new member education team get started with a foundation for the new member experience and then build from there. Start first with the Educator Training Supplement!



As a pledge or new member educator, the goal is to best prepare the new members for active membership in the chapter. To take it a step further, encourage the incoming members to familiarize themselves with the different leadership opportunities in the chapter. Bring in those currently in positions to talk about their day-to-day workings and answer any questions the new member may have. This can help peak interest in positions and get those in the pledging period to start thinking about their future impacts in the chapter.


Start implementing an executive board for the new member classes. Making this move can get the pledge or new member process to start reflecting the active chapter and giving those involved more of an accurate taste of chapter life. It also opens the door for leadership interest early. Serving during their education period prepares them for the real deal, serving in the active chapter. That opportunity gives them a baseline for what to expect as well as giving the chapter a baseline as to where they are at in their leadership journey. They served on the pledge or new member executive board, why not the active executive board?

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