Chapter leaders are at the forefront of positive change in Alpha Phi Omega. From educating members-at-large to participating in legislative procedures, the leaders of this Fraternity are taking groundbreaking steps that foster growth, overcome adversity and improve shared connections that make the world a better place. The Fraternity welcomes you as a stakeholder in the development of servant leaders across the world.


Below is a gallery of resources organized by office position. These are designed to help chapter officers navigate their elected positions and help them better support the chapter and its members. This page is a living resource so if there is something you are looking for that you are not seeing below, please email [email protected] so we can help!

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In addition to the resources designed for specific officer roles, there are many helpful tools for chapter leaders in general. Navigate the calendar and resource tabs below to learn more about important deadlines, events and operational best practices for your chapter. For even more tools and tips, download the Mobile Resource App or visit the APO Resource Library.

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We create inclusive communities for a more peaceful world in which to make a life, by developing leaders, uniting members through friendship and rendering service to all.