1. Once the content developers have developed proposed content, the developers are to forward the changes to the respective content owner for review and approval.
  2. Content owners are to review the proposed content for accuracy and approval. And work directly with content developers for edits.
  3. Once the content owners have approved content for posting, the content developer is to submit the approved content to Director of Communications (Amanda) for final editing (grammar, spelling, APO Style Guide, etc.)

General Guidelines

  1. All changes to the APO website require approval from appropriate content owner(s).
  2. All changes are to be submitted by five business days before the 15th of each month for review, approval for the update on the 15th of each month.
  3. The content owners are responsible for reviewing, approving and submitting all related content, images etc. for their respective areas of the website by the content deadline.
  4. Individuals responsible for developing content should if necessary consult with the Director of IT (Brian) when recommending major content changes to ensure that the changes can be made and tested within the website test environment.
  5. Content changes are to be submitted via a Word document and attached to a work order, once it’s been approved by the Content Developer then saved on the T:drive\Technology\APO Website\Web Content.
  6. Content is to be reviewed and updated after convention, board meetings, operations council meetings, SAC meetings, NVC. (Specify criteria for each maybe through the a specific checklist design for these/request form)

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