2020 Recruitment Hack-A-Thon Solutions

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Recruitment Hack-A-Thon this week! All of the teams worked incredibly hard over the course of the two-day-long event and presented some amazing and thoughtful solutions for chapter recruitment this coming academic year. This is a recording of the team’s presentation of their amazing solutions! Hopefully this helps chapter build off of these recommendations and create solutions for a successful year.


We would like to recognize the winning teams in the two judging categories. Student Team 8, who won the popular vote category, consisted of:


• Gabriella Foss, Gamma Psi Chapter ‘18
• Lydia Rogers, Gamma Pi Chapter ‘18
• Marissa Skulsky, Epsilon Omega Chapter ‘20
• Yely Reyes, Alpha Delta Eta Chapter ‘18


Student Team 9, who won the judges’ choice category, consisted of:
• Soojin Ahn, Lambda Delta Chapter ‘19
• Catherine Gable, Mu Pi Chapter ‘19
• Marisa Macias, Mu Pi Chapter ‘18
• Swaize Meeks, Alpha Theta Epsilon Chapter ‘19
• Mina Spryszak, Eta Pi Chapter ‘19


Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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