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Actions of the 2021 Virtual Legislative Session

Below are the actions taken at the 2021 Virtual Legislative Session on December 28, 2021:


Ratification of Board Action

The Convention ratified the Board of Directors’ decisions to hold the 2023 National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the 2025 National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



The following members were elected to the Board of Directors:

President – Melody A. Martin

Vice President – Disraeli W. Smith II, MBA, MPP

North Central District Representative – Jeremy Bingman

Eastern District Representative – Padric R. Hall

Western District Representative – Christopher J. Meschuk

Southern District Representative – Kenneth Anthony Tinkler, Esq., B.C.S

Members-at-Large – Jéri L. Ogden, Candice N. Solomon-Strutz and Kimberlee Castillo Yee



The Convention approved the following resolutions:

  • Add an illustration of material personnel placement at the end of each section for the arrangement of a ceremony listed in the ritual book
  • Edit the script of online resources for ceremonies so that it accurately matches what is in the Fraternity’s Ritual Book
  • The National Service Week theme for the 2022-2024 biennium will be Self & Community Care


Amendments to the National Bylaws

Article IV – National Convention

Section 7. – Time and Place

The National Convention shall be held biennially in odd numbered years unless cancelled or rescheduled by a unanimous vote of the National Board of Directors caused by an interference outside of the Fraternity’s control. The time and place of each Convention shall be selected by the Board of Directors and subsequently ratified by the delegates in accordance with the rotation schedule contained in the Fraternity Operations and Policy Manual based on the recommendations presented by a Convention site committee.


Article VI – National Board of Directors

Section 5. – Board Meetings

The National Board of Directors shall meet at least once each calendar year. Special meetings may be called by the National President, the Executive Committee of the National Board of Directors or by petition of a majority of the elected members of the National Board of Directors.


Other Actions

Referred to Committee

Article VI – National Board of Directors

Section 2. – Members of the National Board of Directors

National Board of Directors shall consist of the following elected members: National President, National Vice President, four district representatives, and five members-at-large (two of whom are elected by the National Board of Directors), and the following ex-officio members: National Executive Director, the National Legal Counsel, the Immediate Past National President, one other Past National President chosen by the remaining Past Presidents, one Regional Chair chosen by the Regional Chairs, and one Program Chair chosen by the Program Chairs. The ex-officio members shall also service as advisors to the Board and assume responsibility for special assignments on appointment by the National President. Each member of the Board shall have one vote at meetings of the National Board of Directors, except for the National Executive Director, the Regional Chair representative, the Program Chair Representative, and the National Legal Counsel, who shall be non-voting members. With the exception of voting, non-voting members of the National Board of Directors shall have the same rights as the voting members.


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