2017 Joseph Scanlon National Certificate of Merit Recipients

At the close of each fiscal year, Alpha Phi Omega presents the Joseph Scanlon National Certificate of Merit to active chapters who have experienced total membership growth. Recipients must have reported membership growth in one of the following categories between the last fiscal year and the year prior:


  • Category A – Report 15 or more active brothers after having reported fewer than 15 the year prior
  • Category B – Report a net growth of at least five active brothers after having reported a total membership between 15 and 50 the year prior
  • Category C – Report a net growth of 15% after having reported an active membership of 51 or more the year prior


A chapter bestowed this award is committed to the development and expansion of the Fraternity and plays an active role in supporting the Fraternity’s Strategic Plan.


The 2017 Joseph Scanlon National Certificate of Merit recipients are:
RegionGreek NameSchool NameChapterCategoryGrowth %
Region INu PsiMontclair State UniversityNu Psi at Montclair State UniversityA0.58
Region IAlpha Eta OmegaEmerson CollegeAlpha Eta Omega at Emerson CollegeA2.56
Region IRho DeltaUniversity of Rhode IslandRho Delta at University of Rhode IslandB0.39
Region IAlpha Eta TauHofstra UniversityAlpha Eta Tau at Hofstra UniversityC0.18
Region IAlpha Eta OmicronStockton UniversityAlpha Eta Omicron at Stockton UniversityC0.19
Region IAlpha Gamma EtaUniversity of VermontAlpha Gamma Eta at University of VermontC0.26
Region IDelta SigmaUniversity of ConnecticutDelta Sigma at University of ConnecticutC0.33
Region IKappa OmicronUniversity of MassachusettsKappa Omicron at University of MassachusettsC1.61
Region IIKappa PhiSaint Lawrence UniversityKappa Phi at Saint Lawrence UniversityA0.38
Region IIEta GammaUnion CollegeEta Gamma at Union CollegeA1.42
Region IISigma NuDelaware Valley UniversitySigma Nu at Delaware Valley UniversityB0.28
Region IIEta MuUtica CollegeEta Mu at Utica CollegeB0.5
Region IIAlpha Eta PhiDeSales UniversityAlpha Eta Phi at DeSales UniversityB1.16
Region IIAlpha Beta XiSUNY GeneseoAlpha Beta Xi at SUNY GeneseoC0.18
Region IILambda LambdaShippensburg UniversityLambda Lambda at Shippensburg UniversityC0.23
Region IIAlpha Delta EtaSUNY University at AlbanyAlpha Delta Eta at SUNY University at AlbanyC0.28
Region IIOmicron UpsilonWest Chester University of PennsylvaniaOmicron Upsilon at West Chester University of PennsylvaniaC0.37
Region IIIAlpha Beta OmegaOld Dominion UniversityAlpha Beta Omega at Old Dominion UniversityB0.32
Region IIIIota GammaTowson UniversityIota Gamma at Towson UniversityB0.56
Region IIIAlpha Alpha DeltaSalisbury UniversityAlpha Alpha Delta at Salisbury UniversityB0.68
Region IIIAlpha Delta XiChristopher Newport UniversityAlpha Delta Xi at Christopher Newport UniversityC0.19
Region IIIChi GammaJames Madison UniversityChi Gamma at James Madison UniversityC0.22
Region IIIMu XiHigh Point UniversityMu Xi at High Point UniversityC0.24
Region IIIAlpha Delta IotaVirginia Commonwealth UniversityAlpha Delta Iota at Virginia Commonwealth UniversityC0.37
Region IIIRhoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillRho at University of North Carolina at Chapel HillC0.42
Region IIIKappa ThetaWake Forest UniversityKappa Theta at Wake Forest UniversityC0.55
Region IVAlpha Epsilon PiGeorgia Military CollegeAlpha Epsilon Pi at Georgia Military CollegeA0.55
Region IVSigma IotaValdosta State UniversitySigma Iota at Valdosta State UniversityA0.83
Region IVAlpha Eta EtaSaint Leo UniversityAlpha Eta Eta at Saint Leo UniversityB0.1
Region IVPi IotaWofford CollegePi Iota at Wofford CollegeB0.17
Region IVIota MuUniversity of South Carolina at ColumbiaIota Mu at University of South Carolina at ColumbiaB0.25
Region IVPsi NuBenedict CollegePsi Nu at Benedict CollegeB0.87
Region IVAlpha Eta NuFurman UniversityAlpha Eta Nu at Furman UniversityB1
Region VAlpha Gamma OmicronHeidelberg UniversityAlpha Gamma Omicron at Heidelberg UniversityA0.07
Region VOmega MuClarion University of PennsylvaniaOmega Mu at Clarion University of PennsylvaniaA2.11
Region VMu UpsilonWashington and Jefferson CollegeMu Upsilon at Washington and Jefferson CollegeA2.38
Region VTheta ThetaCentre CollegeTheta Theta at Centre CollegeB0.32
Region VRho ThetaCapital UniversityRho Theta at Capital UniversityB0.39
Region VAlpha Zeta RhoDefiance CollegeAlpha Zeta Rho at Defiance CollegeB0.47
Region VDelta AlphaUniversity of CincinnatiDelta Alpha at University of CincinnatiB0.56
Region VAlpha Gamma PhiNorthern Kentucky UniversityAlpha Gamma Phi at Northern Kentucky UniversityB0.67
Region VTheta UpsilonCase Western Reserve UniversityTheta Upsilon at Case Western Reserve UniversityC0.17
Region VAlpha ZetaUniversity of KentuckyAlpha Zeta at University of KentuckyC0.21
Region VAlpha Eta ChiBellarmine UniversityAlpha Eta Chi at Bellarmine UniversityC0.41
Region VIEta EpsilonMillikin UniversityEta Epsilon at Millikin UniversityB0.36
Region VILambda PhiEastern Michigan UniversityLambda Phi at Eastern Michigan UniversityB0.54
Region VIPi EtaLoyola University of ChicagoPi Eta at Loyola University of ChicagoC0.15
Region VIAlpha Beta OmicronElmhurst CollegeAlpha Beta Omicron at Elmhurst CollegeC0.2
Region VIIRho LambdaSaint Edward's UniversityRho Lambda at Saint Edward's UniversityB0.33
Region VIIAlpha RhoUniversity of Texas at AustinAlpha Rho at University of Texas at AustinC0.16
Region VIIBeta SigmaTexas Tech UniversityBeta Sigma at Texas Tech UniversityC0.51
Region VIIIEpsilon PiSouthern Illinois University at EdwardsvilleEpsilon Pi at Southern Illinois University at EdwardsvilleB0.29
Region VIIIAlpha Eta IotaUniversity of DenverAlpha Eta Iota at University of DenverB0.48
Region IXOmegaDrake UniversityOmega at Drake UniversityC0.15
Region IXGamma PsiUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesGamma Psi at University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesC0.24
Region IXOmicronUniversity of IowaOmicron at University of IowaC0.3
Region IXIota TauSaint Olaf CollegeIota Tau at Saint Olaf CollegeC0.61
Region XAlpha Zeta UpsilonUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasAlpha Zeta Upsilon at University of Nevada, Las VegasB0.6
Region XOmega SigmaCalifornia State University, FullertonOmega Sigma at California State University, FullertonC0.18
Region XChiUniversity of California at Los AngelesChi at University of California at Los AngelesC0.19
Region XSigma BetaUniversity of RedlandsSigma Beta at University of RedlandsC0.72
Region XAlpha Gamma NuUniversity of California at Santa CruzAlpha Gamma Nu at University of California at Santa CruzC0.86
Region XIAlpha Zeta EtaUniversity of Alaska AnchorageAlpha Zeta Eta at University of Alaska AnchorageA0.85
Region XIKappa RhoSeattle UniversityKappa Rho at Seattle UniversityB0.56