Chapter Development Coordinator

The Chapter Development Coordinator is a direct liaison between active chapters and extension groups and the national Fraternity. Through facilitative practices, this position works to enhance chapter operations and development including areas like recruitment and retention strategies, leadership transitions, service and brotherhood program development and organizational practices.  


As an employee of Alpha Phi Omega, you will have the opportunity to grow your critical thinking and communication skills.  As you advance in this position you will experience personal and professional growth, expand your network, and expand your career opportunities through the development of relationships with service-minded leaders from across North America. 


Chapter Development Coordinator is valuable resource intended to provide chapters and extension groups with the skills and resources to keep Alpha Phi Omega moving forward and growing. The Coordinators are highly trained and have countless tips and ideas for chapters to try, in addition to the knowledge and experiences they gained from their own experiences. 


Become a Chapter Development Coordinator and help chapters and members be the best service leaders they can be.  


Title of Position: Chapter Development Coordinator

Location: South Kansas City or Remote

Hours per week: 37.5

Salary: $38,000

Benefits package available after 90 days


About Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a 501(c)3 nonprofit collegiate service organization headquartered in South Kansas City. It is the vision of our organization to be the premier, inclusive, campus-based, leadership development organization through the provision of service to others and the creation of community. The more than 500,000 members who make up the membership of Alpha Phi Omega are dedicated to developing themselves and others as leaders as they volunteer on their campuses and in their communities.


About the APO National Office Team

In a successful team culture, team members understand where their work fits in the total context of the organization’s mission, goals,
principles, vision, and values. Alpha Phi Omega is supported by a team that understands just that and who work to support the vision and
mission of the organization through operational excellence and high-professional standards.


The APO National Office Team is a diverse team with broad skillsets and experiences. We work collaboratively and with the end in mind
and maintain a culture that keeps the following team norms front of mind at all times.

  • Know Your Team
  • Take Ownership
  • Think Ahead
  • Celebrate Others
  • Act Intentionally
  • Share A Vision
  • Effectively Communicate


APO National Office Team Members are committed to the following service standards by which to hold themselves and others:

  • Responsiveness
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Friendliness
  • Flexibility
  • Self-Awareness

About the Role

A Chapter Development Coordinator serves on the National Office team as a direct liaison between active chapters or extension groups and the Fraternity. This position works to enhance chapter operations and development including areas like recruitment and retention strategies, leadership transitions, service and brotherhood program development and organizational practices.


A qualified candidate possesses emotional intelligence, critical thinking and foresight. They are organized and timely in their management of projects. They are self-driven and committed to expanding their professional skillset in areas like problem solving, organizational leadership and project management. They strive to provide outstanding support through the development of relationships with service-minded leaders.


This position will…

    • Develop and implement custom recruitment and retention support to existing chapters in areas of planning and preparation; implementation of tactics; and conversation.
    • Monitor membership trends to create and apply solutions that support membership growth.
    • Serve as a liaison between chapters and the national Fraternity.
    • Facilitate presentations to chapters regarding operational best practices and chapter development.
    • Serve as a resource to chapters and members in various aspects of chapter life including recruitment, finances, engagement, service-learning, officer transition and outreach.
    • Assist with the establishment of new chapters.
    • Follow up with chapters on forms and requirements.
    • Facilitate presentations to chapters concerning risk management, recruitment, member education, officer transition and other areas of chapter operations.
    • Regularly communicate with active members and volunteers


The ideal candidate has…

    • A minimum of 2+ years of collegiate experience
    • Proficiency in use of digital office tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Interest in collaboration and working within a team
    • Experience in any or all the following:
      • Critical thinking
      • Association management
      • Organizational leadership
      • Customer service


The ideal candidate is…

        • Dependable, responsible and consistent with their job performance
        • A critical thinker who can recognize problems and propose effective and innovative solutions that support the greater good of the organization
        • Result-oriented and willing to go the extra mile to reach a common goal
        • Willing and dedicated to working as part of a team and adding value to team projects and discussions
        • Not afraid of challenges and able to be flexible during times/processes of growth and change


Within 1 month, they would…

      • Understand the mission, vision and strategic goals of APO
      • Understand the programs and services supported by the Fraternity, as well as how they are supported by the National Office
      • Establish relationships with other team members and seek to understand how those roles play into the bigger picture of the organization


Within 3 months, they would…

      • Understand the processes and standards of the chapter development coordinator position and be able to deploy projects based on the CDC Manual
      • Have a firm understanding of APO institutional knowledge and operations in order to better support members
      • Be able to seek solutions for chapter support requests
      • Develop facilitation skills that provide opportunities to members and enable them to make progress and succeed


Within 6 months, they would…

      • Effectively extract and evaluate chapter good standing and reporting to identify trends and develop support tactics for operational best practices
      • Provide impactful coaching to educate members and volunteers independently
      • Be able to facilitate to chapters and volunteers regarding operational best practices and chapter development

View the core competencies below to learn more about what we believe are the foundational competencies needed to be successful as a Chapter Development Coordinator.  


Chapter Development Coordinator Core Competencies