Chapter Development Coordinator

The Chapter Development Coordinator is a direct liaison between active chapters and extension groups and the national Fraternity. Through facilitative practices, this position works to enhance chapter operations and development including areas like recruitment and retention strategies, leadership transitions, service and brotherhood program development and organizational practices.  


As an employee of Alpha Phi Omega, you will have the opportunity to grow your critical thinking and communication skills.  As you advance in this position you will experience personal and professional growth, expand your network, and expand your career opportunities through the development of relationships with service-minded leaders from across North America. 


Chapter Development Coordinator is valuable resource intended to provide chapters and extension groups with the skills and resources to keep Alpha Phi Omega moving forward and growing. The Coordinators are highly trained and have countless tips and ideas for chapters to try, in addition to the knowledge and experiences they gained from their own experiences. 


Become a Chapter Development Coordinator and help chapters and members be the best service leaders they can be.  

The Chapter Development Coordinator position is a full-time position, complete with a competitive salary, health benefits and paid vacation. View the job description below to learn more about the primary responsibilities and expectations of this role.  


Chapter Development Coordinator Job Description 

View the core competencies below to learn more about what we believe are the foundational competencies needed to be successful as a Chapter Development Coordinator.  


Chapter Development Coordinator Core Competencies