2018 Fall Pledge Class Namesake Honoree Challenge

As the 2018 Fall Pledge Class Namesake Honoree Brother Louie challenges the fall 2018 pledge class to expand their service horizons. Below is his challenge.

To the new Fall 2018 members of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity,

Congratulations on beginning your journey with Alpha Phi Omega this fall. Each new member begins with their own personal reasons and interest in joining this unique organization. Within this trial period, we expect many will broaden their experience and make a lifetime commitment as they spend time engaged in this program of Leadership, Friendship and Service. Although the Fraternity provides some guidance, it is up to the individuals and chapters with regards to the day-to-day operations and direction of the service program. Your enthusiasm and engagement is important in breathing new life into the Fraternity and adds to the foundation for the future.

When I first joined the organization, I had no idea the incredible impact the Fraternity has on the lives of its members and their communities. Creating an environment to successfully lead a group/project and make true lifelong friends is hard to replicate. As much as leadership provides the inspiration, guidance, and management, individually we each create ripples like rain drops in a pond – so much goes unseen that we sometimes don’t realize the larger group picture.

APO’s participation in service projects that impact the campus, community, nation and world have been immeasurable. I would like to think that being part of APO enhances the positive butterfly effect we each have with our surroundings. And more than ever, our communities need leaders who are willing to step up and take on responsibilities that actively help others and improve our communities. With your valuable time, you have the opportunity to make a difference and be among those volunteer leaders. This is just the beginning.

Please accept my challenge to you … Expand Your Service Horizon.

Are your chapter’s service projects improving your community? In addition to the organizations that your chapter helps on an ongoing basis, are there other groups that you can work with to expand the impact of your chapter as this year’s fall pledges can have on your community? It can be in any of our four fields of service – you can partner with another organization on your campus, attend a conference to improve your leadership skills, work with a startup nonprofit, or invite a friend to a service project. You may find the service of helping a new organization or just a new project based on your own experiences incredibly rewarding. Reach out beyond your comfort zone by exploring different avenues of service, and find areas where we can be most effective in experiencing Leadership, Friendship and Service in action.

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