Spring Youth Service Day

"Enlisting young people in community service is one of the most important tasks we face as we enter a new century. As we look back on the (last) century - as we contemplate two world wars, the great Depression, the struggle for civil rights and other grave national trials - we cannot help but be struck by how much our nation's youth have sacrificed to give us the America we have today. We have a solemn obligation to preserve the rich heritage they have bequeathed to us. That obligation includes preparing today's young people to be worthy heirs of these earlier generations. By teaching young people the joys of service to others,we make good citizenship a vital, transforming and continuing aspect of our national character." - General Colin L. Powell, founder of America's Promise

Each day, the members of Alpha Phi Omega strive to find ways to give back to their campuses and communities, as well as make a positive impact on the youth of our nation. Spring Youth Service Day (SYSD), one of Alpha Phi Omega's largest service events,and is opportunity for the chapters of APO to provide service to the youth of all nations through projects for and with them. Spring Youth Service Day is scheduled in conjunction with Global Youth Service Day, which is the world's largest service event organized by our partner, Youth Service America.

Spring Youth Service Day and Global Youth Service Day will take place April 21-23, 2017.

Participating in SYSD helps realize Frank Reed Horton's dream that Alpha Phi Omega make the world a better place, particularly through service to "the youth of all nations." A SYSD project is a wonderful opportunity to work together as a fraternity to provide service that leaves a lasting and positive impact on the youth of America. Through projects that guide youth by engaging them in service, we both directly benefit them and inspire them to become the next generation of volunteers.

Start organizing your SYSD event today! The resources to your right will help guide your chapter's project planning.

NOTE: Spring Youth Service Day is a required event for the chapters of APO and therefore a project report (whether a project was done or not) must be submitted by May 1, 2017 through the Chapter Officer Portal. For more details on ONLINE FORMS SUBMISSION via Officer Portal, please login to view the OP resources on the right.

You may also utilize the Service Resources on the right to prepare for Spring Youth Service Day.