IMPACT... ... Your life by becoming a brother ... Your chapter by becoming an officer ... Your fraternity by continuing the tradition of leadership excellence 
APO IMPACT is a national training program that gives chapter leaders and alumni volunteers the skills needed to run healthier and more productive chapters and committees.  APO IMPACT is divided into three resource options - APO IMPACT Guides, APO IMPACT Live and APO IMPACT Workshops - to help meet the diverse needs of our members. 
APO IMPACT Guides are a series of resource documents intended to help various types of members better themselves in their current roles. The guides are unavailable as they are currently under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience. If there is a particular topic for which you need resources, please contact chapter.services.dir@apo.org for support.

APO IMPACT Live is a series of live webinars that expand on the information found in the APO IMPACT Guides. Any member can sign up for any session and participate from any location. All of these presentations are facilitated by APO alumni that have experience with the given topic. Choosing the right session will depend on your desired involvement with the Fraternity. You may attend as many sessions as you would like - it will only enhance your membership experience with Alpha Phi Omega. Upcoming events can be found in the calendar below.  Previously recorded sessions may be accessed using the APO IMPACT Live Resource links on the right.. 
APO IMPACT Workshops are in-person educational seminars that can be presented to chapters at conferences and other leadership development events. See the list of available workshops below.