Bluegrass Alumni Association Hosts "APO & Canvas" Event

Members of the Bluegrass Alumni Association (BAA) joined together for their bi-monthly fellowship event on July 16, 2016, to paint their own unique versions of the Fraternity crest - with step-by-step instruction from a local artist.

Nearly 20 brothers of the BAA joined together at a local venue for a painting party called "APO & Canvas." A local artist instructed the group step-by-step on painting their own unique versions of the Fraternity crest. The three-hour class, complete with lots of fun and great music, resulted in the brothers taking home their creations to display with pride. Following the event, the brothers gathered for a delicious dinner and kept the fellowship alive! 

The BAA is always looking for brothers to join the fun in and around Kentucky. If you or someone you know is interested, or for more information, follow the BAA on Facebook  or email