Building a Future with Visions of the Past

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

Newton, considered by many to be the greatest and most influential scientist who ever lived, knew that he did not stand-alone in his accomplishments. He attributed much of his success to the great scientists before him. 
Alpha Phi Omega would not be the thriving service organization it is today without standing on the shoulders of your leadership, vision and loyal support. As we celebrate the milestone of initiating APO's 400,000th member and set our sights 500,000, we know the current students are continuing to build on the great legacy left by alumni. Without the strong leadership and support from the brothers before them, the Fraternity experience wouldn't be what it is today.    
One individual had a vision to build Alpha Phi Omega based on the Cardinal Principles - Leadership, Friendship and Service. With your leadership, these same principles still hold true today.  As donors, you continue to build on the legacy you left with your chapter, your university, your community by providing the Fraternity with the financial support needed to continue on to even greater things. 

Torchbearer Fund
Contributions to the Torchbearer Fund are necessary for the daily operations of the Fraternity. Some of these include chapter support, member services, publications, leadership programs and general operating needs. National Service Week, which unites our members across the country through service and APO LEADS, which provides brothers with valuable leadership training are two examples of programs that are made possible and better through your support. 

Endowment Fund
The Alpha Phi Omega Endowment provides long-term benefits for the goals and perpetuation of the Fraternity. This is accomplished by utilizing the income earned from investments for appropriate financial support, such as new programming, scholarships and grants. The Endowment is supported through membership in the Society of Life Members and planned or estate gifts, which ensures that APO's legacy will continue across college campuses throughout the nation long after our life's work is completed. Donors are asked to continue their Torchbearer Fund gifts in addition to providing contributions to the endowment.

Help build the future of Alpha Phi Omega by becoming a donor TODAY!